Understanding Anti-Semitism (Part 1)

Written by Michael

December 31, 2019


With the litany of racial terms, slogans, epitaphs, and identities focused on over the last several decades, the morphing and changes in the social construct of the vernacular and terminology has been interesting to watch.  We could peruse different nationalities and see how they have been socially identified over the years and how everyday people have changed how they identify them based upon societal norms.  Many are defined not only by their national or unified heritage, but historical dimensions which also can contain changes and/or inaccuracies.  For example, being a Hispanic led to the term, Latino, and can mean a heritage from a myriad of nations and beliefs.  Being Caucasian or white, has its own social dynamics.  Being from Iran, means being called an Iranian in most parts of the world – a relatively new label, however many “Iranians” prefer being called Persian (a much older title referring to the name of the nation of Iran as Persia, prior to the Second World War) – but one does not hear about that much in the West…and the list goes on…

In looking as to how Jewish people have been viewed by, mainly the West, and treated over the last 3800+ years by the nations of the world, we need to stipulate a few things:

Jewish people have been identified by two distinct but connected characteristics: Nationality/Heritage and Religion.  For millennia, these were unified; as one could not exist without the other (except in the case where a non-Jewish person converts to Judaism).  We see covenantal changes made to incorporate foreigners as early as Exodus 12:38 where “a mixed multitude…” went with the Hebrews out of Egypt because they Identified the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as the One True and only God.  Subsequently, Moses was instructed by God in how to bring these foreigners into the covenant of becoming as one of them in the following chapter.

No other major culture in society has had a complete and unified tie between national heritage and an exclusive and historical belief system.  Islam is not tied to one national culture, Buddhism – even Christianity…not tied to A singular people group.  So inherently, looking in from the outside into the life of Jewish people, there exists a strong ignorance in trying to understand this dynamic, because the social and spiritual architecture is foreign to everyone else.

Having addressed the natural elements which exist to create a divide, how do we begin to understand the spiritual and Biblical issues?  This explanation requires many conversations and dialectics to discuss, so I will attempt to identify a few root identifications which hopefully will create some understanding; as one can see this is a complex picture.  Let’s look at a few Biblical truths surrounding the Israel/Jewish identity and see if we, as believers in Yeshua/Jesus can begin to understand why anti-Semitism exists, and how to identify it.

I am a firm believer in the truth that every conflict has a spiritual influence.  Whether it’s a personal argument, all the way up to a conflict between nations, there are spiritual forces that create dynamics and influences in the decisions of people, which in turn create feelings and emotions, when if not kept in check, are acted upon.  The original example of this is Cain and Abel.  Cain’s envy of Abel’s favor from God created hatred, was influenced by a spirit of murder, and then was acted upon – we all know the story.  Jacob and Esau; Jacob gets Esau to promise his birthright blessing to Jacob out of leveraging a basic human need.  Jacob uses Esau’s hunger against him, in order to have that blessing gifted back to himself.  Later, when it is time for the blessing to be issued, Jacob conspires with his mother to steal the final blessing from his Father Isaac.  The principle of blessing is what it is.  It cannot be revoked; yet envy, conspiracy, and selfishness influenced Rebekah and Jacob to take what was legally Esau’s.   Esau left the family, his anger and hatred ensued, he became the father of the Edomites, which then evolved into the peoples of the nations (Gentiles).

We see throughout the persecution of the Jewish people in the last 1600 years, an initial thread line of stereotypical wealth envy.  If one examines the speeches of Constantine, Trotsky, Pope Pius XII, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and so many others – they all contain this element and foundation.  Not differing much from Biblical conflicts, people generally envy those who are blessed.  Abraham received the blessing from Yahweh, that “…whoever blesses you and your descendants, I will bless, and whoever curses you I will curse…”.  That promise still rings true today.  The nation of Israel is now the world’s leader in innovation in medicine and technology, horticulture and botany, and many other fields; and they are one of the most hated nations on the face of the earth.

Have you ever wondered how the Jewish population in the world is about a quarter of a percent, and in the US is about 2.5%, and yet they are NOT considered a legal minority in the USA or by the United Nations? By comparison, Hispanics in the US make up almost 17% of the population, African Americans are approximately 15% of the US population and they both are considered minorities.  Now before you begin to postulate, I am referencing general culture alone in the latter examples, I admit that, yes, I am comparing that aspect. I do so to exemplify the very fact the Jewish people have been slighted in every aspect of consideration across the world’s stage.  It is this very point we need to have clarity; where there is a connection between belief and heritage – that this has never been made quantitative when it comes to connecting numbers in the Jewish people.  The only EXCEPTION is when it came to an extermination effort against them.  This occurred about a dozen times in history, with Hitler’s Germany being the most recent.  In those instances, detailed tracing of Jewish people, based upon many physical, religious, genetic aspects and detail tracking came into play.  These facts are something to really think about, as we can clearly see the enemy’s plan has been to eradicate God’s people from the face of the earth since Adam was created.  Why? THEN, a newfound truth could attempt to be established with societal concreteness, that the God of the Bible has never existed.  Thank you, Father, that you have protected your people for 6000 years.

Today’s movement against anti-Semitism attempts to track the number of Jewish people in the world today, spearheaded by the nation of Israel.  The motto, “Never Again” in reference to the holocaust of the 30’s and 40’s, along with the establishment of Holocaust museums around the world have proliferated the effort of advocacy and awareness of how easy anti-Semitism can rear its ugly head.  So, what is anti-Semitism – really? – this term is thrown around a great deal, so let’s try to identify what this truly means.

I need to state that I profoundly believe, as believers in Christ, that we have a Biblical, moral, and Kingdom duty to support Israel and the Jewish people.  I will go one step more and say it is an utmost priority.  Unfortunately, academia and media influencers turn the Israel issue into a Social Justice-minded, organized platform.  Without correct data and using skewed and half-truths, they manipulate the inherent envy inside individuals to somehow believe that a quarter of a percent of the world’s population is an utmost crisis to the world and needs to be persecuted and/or eliminated.

Today, acts against Jewish people, synagogues, temples, yeshivas, and others are at an all-time high.  Just yesterday, five people were stabbed by a machete wielding individual in New York at a Rabbi’s home while they were celebrating Hanukkah.  Jewish men in Europe now wear baseball caps instead of yarmulkes when going to attend synagogue in fear of being assaulted in public.  Jewish women are now not wearing Star of David necklaces for the same reason.  French Jews are leaving their country in droves because of the severity of assaults, threats, and vandalism against them.  London has also experienced an exodus for similar reasons, where also yesterday a synagogue and several Jewish owned shops were vandalized with graffiti during Hanukkah. Recent attacks include Pittsburgh, Poway, and Jersey City.

But where has the surprising rise of anti-Semitism also come from in recent years?  – The church in the West…That might come as a shock, however, the Baby-Boomer generation from around the world, who knew the history and reality of the concentration camps in eastern Europe is aging, and the Gen X, Y, and Z folks are forming new thoughts in regards to the Jewish people and Israel.   Academia and the media have contributed to the message of Israel being identified as an oppressor nation – These are the same people who have no knowledge of the culture and land from a Biblical perspective.  Pulpits are also dry of any teaching on Israel, the Jewish people, and their relationship to us as believers in Christ.

Anti-Semitism at its root is an ignorant envy, based in an ages-long spiritual influence from the kingdom of darkness.  What comes to mind when you think about Israel and the Jewish people?  – Stereotypes? Or do you truly understand that according to Romans 11, Paul says we are grafted into the root of what God gave them as a promise and blessing – which was never changed, forsaken, or lost.

Now, in recent years, we have seen a split between overall anti-Semitism solely against the Jewish people and their culture, and a separated anti-Israel stance.  Even high-profiled American Jews are standing AGAINST Israel and those who support her.  This new divide is causing a rift amongst the Jews as a whole.  Again, we see another facet of the effort on the enemy’s part to cause division from within.  Instead of holding on to the solidarity of their heritage and Biblically-prophesied rebirthed nation, some feel that there is a separation and difference.  Time has helped to foster this, along with revisionist theories which either downplay the holocaust or teach that it never existed; along with a transformed social-justice oppressive ideal concerning the nation of Israel.

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the Entebbe Raid by Israel – the largest rescue mission in history, where 102 hostages were saved from Ugandan military and Palestinian Terrorists when an Air France airliner was hijacked.  Israel took care of its people – even though the Jews on the flight were separated in the Entebbe airport from the rest of the passengers, with the threat to kill one passenger per hour if demands were not met.  We must begin to put into priority, in this day and time, personal and practical efforts to support Israel and the Jewish people.  If we neglect this, our generation will be known as the ones who left Israel.  Isaiah 49:21-22 says this concerning His people Israel, “Then you will say in your heart, ‘Who has begotten these for me? I was bereaved and barren; I was exiled and rejected. So, who has reared them? Look, I was left all alone, so where did they come from?’  This is what the Lord GOD says: “Behold I will lift up My hand to the nations, and raise My banner to the peoples.  They will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.” Will you be that one spoken about in the last verse?  Let’s be motivated to take action today – message me for more info on how to connect with the Land, the People and the covenant of Israel.

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