Times of Preperation…

Written by Michael

April 7, 2020

Tomorrow begins Passover and the feast of Unleavened bread.  There is incredible significance of this year’s celebration; as many of the plagues of Egypt are manifest around the world…Here are a few examples:

  • Coronavirus – shutting everyone in their homes
  • Swarms of locusts in Africa – decimating crops all over the continent
  • Hail in Australia – so strong and large it has punctured holes in vehicles
  • Huge amounts of cattle dying from toxic groundwater worldwide

This year marks the first time in history where we are all faced with honoring Passover – whether or not we celebrate it directly.  Worldwide – there is a mandated shelter at home order, during this one of God’s (Moadim) appointed times – occurring during an outbreak of disease – or plague.  I think this is an interesting point to reflect upon… so let’s look further.

The miracle of Passover (representing the entire camp being immersed in the Red Sea – like all of us who have chosen Him, in the blood of Yeshua)  – of being brought out of slavery from Egypt (sin/old man) – to the wilderness (discipleship) – and eventually the Promised Land (eternity with the Father) is self-evident. However  – let’s look at “another” Passover which occurred in Scripture, that points to a more specific time in which we can draw understanding, practice, and hope on this earth to see the Glory of God in the midst of our lives – in these extraordinary times.

Let’s look at Acts 12 – in this chapter, it starts with a picture of Herod (during the time of Passover and Unleavened bread) deciding to persecute the believers, just because he wanted to.  (Obviously, satan filled his heart to do this) He had James, brother of John killed, and then he arrested Peter – placing four SQUADS OF SOLDIERS to guard him.  Who does that; placing that many soldiers to guard one man? – Is Peter really Rambo in disguise, able to knock out 48 soldiers with a hunting knife and bare hands?  Or, maybe, Herod was fearful, that if Peter died in prison, he would somehow, be “resurrected”, like Yeshua was…and then the entire Jewish community would be turned upside down…again…LOL.

Is it possible, Peter was now prepared – after his denial a year before, after seeing his Master die,  resurrect, and ascend, after preaching on the Day of Shavuot (Pentecost) and seeing thousands come to Messiah, after many miracles performed; for God to perform another Passover miracle?  Before Herod could bring him forward in the morning to be tried, the night before –  an “angel of the Lord” appeared  – the parallel in the Hebrew is: Malach Adonai” – The Angel of the Lord – Like when Abraham was visited by the Son of God revealed… This angel – STRUCK Peter’s side, awakening him to Get UP! – and the chains and shackles fell off of him – Folks – I am beaming because this one verse – verse 7 – could preach for hours.  The Passover Yeshua walked through, being struck in the side – to and birthing the Body of Messiah on the earth – now it’s Peter’s turn – and HE strikes Peter on his side, awakening Peter and simply declares, “GET UP – WAKE UP” – and all the chains fall off.  The Messiah is telling HIS People – GET UP – Your shackles are about to fall off.  Then he tells Peter, the SAME charge God gave the Hebrews in Exodus 12 – “Put on your sandals…, Put your cloak on…, Follow Me…” – In other words – to US He is saying – “Put on the  Gospel of the Kingdom, Put on your Robe of Righteousness, and Do what I tell you to do, and go where I tell you to go.”  Instead of an angel striking a people with death who are not a part of God’s covenant, He strikes Peter in the side and says, “Get UP!” – Even his own people, praying for him did not believe that what they were praying for actually came to pass when told he arrived at their door.  This all occurred during Passover…

Could it be, during this season and even this week, God wants your chains to fall off?  Could it be this is a window in time for the Father’s glory to be revealed in you, so that every physical and circumstantial issue in your life which has held you back, can be released, so you can carry the Good News, wearing your robe of righteousness about you – while following Him?  Are you prepared for Him?  How can we prepare?

Every great time of Awakening, began with prayer – from the Acts 2 outpouring, to the great moves of God throughout history; prayer was the seed in the spiritual soil – which normally grew from one, to a few, to many gathered together.  Prayer in this season, not simply for ourselves but for the many lives who need Him, along with worship, so, in other words, intercession – is needed from by of us… to see the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  In Exodus 33 – another “Pass-over” event occurs.  Moses is interceding for the people, the nation of Israel – to be God’s people, and for someone to go with him.  The Son of God manifests and says – “My Presence will go with you…” and “I will make my Goodness pass before (over) you and proclaim the Name of the Lord upon you.”  This Pass-over is one of His Goodness, His Presence, and His Name being applied – as a preparation to what lies before the calling of Moses in leading Israel.

What is He calling you to do in this season? – Where is He calling you to go? (not far at this point, right? – it’s a question of, What is God’s purpose in you…?) The endgame is not needed information, if you know He has placed in you a desire to see His righteousness arise, His Goodness to be about the people, and His calling to go forward in favor and strength.  Start with intercession and worship – Start with Passover – make this week the initiation to God’s Initiative in you!  An Awakening has begun –  Favor, Protection, and Blessings be upon you today! – Happy Passover!

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