The Shift Coming

Written by Michael

April 30, 2020

Folks, there is a paradigm shift coming. This new way of thinking can be adopted on a few different levels; however, it involves the answering of one MAJOR question: What will you do with the Name of, and your relationship with our Messiah?

The trespasser which is about to step upon the front lawns of every one of us who calls themselves a Believer and Follower of Christ, will be faced with an unprecedented situation at some point very soon. Those of us who live by the Bread of Life daily and understand that a relationship with Christ doesn’t manifest itself as simply conservative values, but that our very existence, our core being, needs His Word and Presence every day of our lives will not waiver – but how about the rest of American Conservative Society?

The ship which will be making port upon our shores is not going to be a warship, but one based inside the US, and bringing leveraged thinking and principles contrary to the Word of God. On the surface, one may think – we will never allow this ship to port, but I have to disagree, because I believe, generally speaking, those who only cling to conservatism in principle only, without relationship with God – absolutely will flounder in their faith – in the face of the price of self-sacrifice.  It is already happening.

This crisis we are in, is now being formed in extreme political fashion. The delegation of widespread authority abuse by state governors and judges is already foaming upon the top of the waves. This is right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook “Reveille for Radicals”. His anti-Christ, and anti-God principles for revolution are being implemented quickly – without the control of the President’s Administration. These are all being done at the state and local levels. Judges are making decisions which are aligning with this while many state and local courthouses remain closed due to the crisis. This means the ability to fight it legally – is difficult, because judges are not taking cases, and courthouses are closed.

The main principle penned by Saul Alinsky – who formulated his thinking from Karl Marx, Frederick Hegel and others like them, is to initiate crisis, or capitalize upon situations  that form – in order to create systems of oppression to traditional thought and family values – by which the masses are worn down from such despair, that they will accept an attempt at a new governmental design just to see if it works.

Several key tenets of this involve the promotion of same-sex, transgender marriage and child rearing, abortion, disparaging the traditional family, eliminating religion, and turning the people’s hope and trust to government and away from God. For those who do not abide by this, an attempt to re-educate and force them to align with the new narrative would be made.

We are amid this right now. We will begin to see the greatest politicization of this crisis in ways you would not believe. Many Christians will acquiesce their faith (religion) to accept this new norm. While this may be convenient, it is an example what Judas attempted to do: leverage material and political protection for the gain of self-righteousness via a political design. Judas thought Jesus would exert his heavenly power to overthrow the Roman government – so he created an opportunity for a showdown. Jesus’ plan was for a Kingdom not of this world and was going to give his life…Judas realized his error too late and took his life because the blood-guilt.

I see some Christians today sacrificing relationship with God for a religious label which causes one to become void of the truth of God’s Word. The weariness of losing out financially through economic devastation and job loss is so powerful, it affects that which is at the core, and surfaces what one really believes when it occurs. Prayer-less and Scripture-less faith is a veneer of faith, which is easily eroded to create a decision which demands from each of us: “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

While local and state governments are punishing people for exercising their faith – The Federal government just participated in the greatest demonstration of socialism it has ever done. (I’m not saying it was not all necessary – I am simply pointing it out)  The difference is that now, the idea of socialism is not just a thought – it is tangible and real, and the godless will use this to leverage the masses to support them because of its “necessity”.  When that happens, will we trade our relationship with God for a bowl of lentils?

So how does one answer the question about personal faith in God amid political entanglements? We should look at several examples in Scripture (if we really believe God is true, look these up for yourself) – 2 Kings 3 where God provided water to a thirsty Israel, 2 Chronicles 20 when God provided a victory to Jehosophat without even lifting a spear, Manna in the wilderness, Elijah fed by ravens, and the list goes on…Do you believe – really believe He is your source for life and Godliness, or do you believe in your systems, structures and paradigms of what has been the norm FIRST, before His ability to provide.  Because, if that is the case – you have already lost the battle. Job says this in chapter 13 when his friends’ advice seems futile: “This also will be my salvation, for a godless man may not come before His presence. Keep silent and let me speak; then let come to me what may. Why do I put myself in jeopardy and take my life in my hands? Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him; I will surely[ defend my ways to his face.”– He does not really believe God will slay him – he only uses this as a metaphor to describe and state how much he trusts in God. His life was overrun with calamity to his family and wealth – yet – he did not waiver in his perspective…

I do not believe most “labeled” Christians believe this way. In fact, George Barna recently pointed out that Christians who practice their faith daily only make up 8% of all political conservatives. Our American life has been really blessed. Even if this is temporary, two things are undisputed: 1) COVID-19 will take years to recover from economically –  and 2) This will not be the last time something like this happens. These potential facts mean one thing is true – we are in a marathon of recovery, if it is possible, not a sprint – and the obstacles are about to get even larger.

Scientific Notes: A study just released just last week indicates that thousands of people have already had COVID-19 without even realizing it and recovered (going back to October and possibly September) – through the late fall and winter. Another study from Israel shows a life cycle of this virus to be 8-10 weeks with ratios and percentages which are all paralleled – regardless whether social distancing protocols are observed or not. Another blood test study of over 2800 military and dozens of assisted living facility patients indicate the 2019 flu shot creates “Virus Interference” with COVID 19 because the 2019 vaccine was a brand new design and deemed a “Super Vaccine”; using a new protein as its base, unlike all previous flu vaccines (chicken egg protein) in the past.  Nearly 100% of these tested were COVID-19 symptomatic and they watched in real-time, microscopically, the interaction of the new protein and COVID-19 to cause severe inflammation, whereas the previous protein from earlier flu vaccines did not react this way to COVID-19.  These are all recent studies – research them for yourselves…

As of today, 30 million Americans applied for unemployment. the Department of Labor tells us that there are approximately 157 million employed Americans. However, the number is deceptive. Even if a person only works one hour, they are counted by the government as being employed. Even when we use this very flawed statistic, the unemployment rate in America, as judged by unemployment claims, reached a 19% level of unemployment in the last report. However, when we look at the actual number of full-time employees in America, prior to CV-19, the number of full-time employees was 110 million workers. Subsequently, the adjusted unemployment rate is 27%. This number has hit the highest rates recorded in the Great Depression. Statistics can be deceiving, America did not go into full mandatory lockdown until March 13, 2020, with a declaration by Trump when he declared a state of national emergency. Therefore, the unemployment numbers had only half of a month to register the effect. Can one imagine, that with 95% of the country in lockdown what the real unemployment numbers really are?

My point in the above mentioned is to say that this crisis – regardless of however and whatever you believe about it – IS being utilized to form new thoughts about social interaction and how society will function. Many behavioral scientists have stipulated how our levels of compassion, emotion, and outreach towards others is severely reduced and diluted when this type of forced behavior is thrust upon society for long periods of time – Folks – it is what protocols are used in prison populations – just sayin’.

In “The American Religious Depression 1925-1935” Robert Handy writes about the evolution of “The Social Gospel” and the eroding attendance of church and a Spirit-Filled life during this time. America had fought for the Allies a little over 12 months in WW1, and the Great Depression occurred. The Great War, the Decadent 20’s and the economic downturn all played into the response of the church – less attendance, a low-held view of Pastors, the rising generation becoming more socialized through secularist and atheistic trends, and a mirroring of the economy and spiritual life in America.  When will we learn?  90 years later, we have churches which have attempted to emulate the world in their styles and modes – without demonstrating the manifest power of God.  When will we understand we cannot do things “our way”?  We are now worshiping in our homes – if at all…Are we going to realize our futility and fall upon the Rock of our Salvation, the Cornerstone, Our Fortress? Two weeks ago, the President of Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary shared how he teaches the Bible through a Feminist Perspective now…Have we recycled back to 90 years ago?  Are we going to experience the same thing? – I do not know – but let us not be doomed to repeat history because we have not learned from the past.

Therefore, we need to circle back to God’s Word, His Presence, and His Son. Our sanity as believers depends upon our relationship with Him. Our ability to have inner peace is subject to how much of His presence is in our lives. Did you know that suicide is up 300% and 35% more anti-anxiety meds have been prescribed since the quarantines were issued? We will not be able to stand for what is right against the enemy or tyranny in our nation if we do not see this for what it is – a design by the enemy to thwart the covenant of God. An Awakening can happen and will happen – but His people must be ready, regardless of the economy, regardless of what rumors exist about COVID-19, regardless of the mental and emotional state of most people.  As the old hymn sings, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus – Look full in His wonderful face – then the things (situations, viruses, rumors, economies) of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”  – this must be at the core of our being if we are going to affect a society for His Kingdom. – “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

America is NOT the Kingdom of God – Self “conservative” righteousness is not HIS Righteousness…so in order to have all these things added to us – our focus must be on His Kingdom (that which proclaims Yeshua as King and what leads people to relationship with Him)

Seek Him Diligently this season – so not trust in man’s systems – Live Supernaturally! – Let Him be your source for life and Godliness…Advance during a time of worldwide retreating…Shalom!


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