The Power of The Nativity

Written by Michael

December 20, 2022

The power of the Nativity story goes beyond the birth of the Messiah. This will be the first “Christmas” post I have made and the revelation of what the Lord has shown me in the storyline. Now, there is much, much more detail to the evidence of what is below, so it is summarized for conciseness – Let us look at the aspect of the Magi’s journey in the story and see who they were, and what occurred as a result of their interaction in finding the Messiah of the world.

First, we must dispel the notion that the Magi arrived in or around the time of Yeshua’s birth – this event did not occur then, and we do not know when it happened. The only indication we have that it was probably within the first two years of Yeshua’s birth is because Herod issued an order for all male children to be killed (Matthew 2:16-18) – two years old and under, fulfilling yet another prophecy by Jeremiah and indicating his attempt to thwart the Messiah’s life upon the earth. However, it is entirely possible, their visit could have been up to the point of Yeshua’s 12th birthday – we simply do not know.

We also know because of historians that the Magi (Greek-Magos) were SKILLED astrologers, soothsayers, and sorcerers from the modern-day Iran/Iraq region – AKA – Babylon. These magicians, or “Magi” were skilled in the spiritual arts of darkness to a very profound degree.  We see the evidence of their history in the book of Exodus when Moses went to Pharaoh and his magicians were able to duplicate the same acts Moses did under the power of Yahweh (Exodus 7:14-22).  Every heathen kingdom of prominence in Scripture had these types of individuals on staff at their respective palaces and kingdom leadership. The occult was strong in those eras – even to the point that King Saul, like pagan kings, sought a medium – his, at Endor who called a familiar spirit of Samuel to be manifested before him. So up until the time of Yeshua’s manifest birth on the earth, this type of practice was common in the known world and throughout generations. However, something happened…

These Magi, when they are studied in history – and the authority they had over the fraternity of occultists worldwide was immense. Who were they? First – more than three existed on this journey – they brought large amounts of three types of gifts to Yeshua (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh) Three of the most valuable products on the face of the earth.  There were possibly twelve to fourteen of these Magi, accompanied by an entourage of a security force and employees to care for the animals and provide for the welfare of the expedition.  They would have been annihilated by bands of thieves and mercenaries had there only been three of them. These Magi had studied the stars and also were intimately familiar with the writings and prophecies of Daniel especially.  Daniel, I believe, was placed by the Father in his position in the Persian kingdom to be able to penetrate the pagan occultists with his insight and incredible accuracy that even they would marvel at his work and the hand of God through him – notwithstanding his ability to provide incredible insight to the king. These Magi knew Daniel’s work, highly respected him, and they were convinced a Messiah of the world had been born through the evidence of their COMBINED study of prophecy and astronomical bodies aligned to produce enough evidence of initiating an expedition to Bethlehem.

The Magi were Zoroastrianists – well Mike what in the world is that? Zoroastrianism was the most elite practice of occultism at that day and these guys would have been the top echelon of this practice.  These were the ones who encouraged the wars of the Persians against the Greeks and brought insight and understanding to the kings of the Persian empire.  These were the “illuminists” of all spiritualism in the pagan world at that time. Why is this important?

After they garner the revelation for a Messiah coming – and this should make you shout for victory and joy this season – that Yeshua – King of Israel – Messiah to the world as they knew it to be – was born in Bethlehem. After leaving Bethlehem, they went back to their kingdom and essentially laid down their practices.  WHAT? Yes – Church historians Eusebius and Ignatius both record in their writings that spiritualism, occultic practice, and miracles from pagan deities ceased after the birth of Yeshua – I’ll say that again – pagan manifestations in the miraculous form essentially CEASED after the birth of Christ on the earth.

THAT is the power of the Nativity – that His revealing as the son of Man and Messiah would cause a spiritual earthquake in the demonic realm which would cause the kingdom of darkness and its ambassadors (Ekklesia) to cease being able to manifest their craft to success. Now, that doesn’t mean the practices of their incantations and craft had stopped – it means the power behind it was vanquished so that Jesus could arise to the place of His ministry on earth. Remember – the leaders of occultism on the earth had seen the true Messiah, and for all intents and purposes, renounced their ways – ergo the power of the occult was demolished in the ancient world. Why do you think the occult has been the goal of the enemy in restoring the ancient paths of practice we see today? Why do we think it strange that secularism at Christmas is so prevalent – when we see people talking about the magic of Santa Claus, elves, etc? The enemy lost and needed a counterfeit – LOL!

Jesus demolished the manifest power of the spirit of darkness with His arrival – His blood and resurrection took the authority of that same realm away and subsequently gave it to you and I so that not only redemption could be realized in our eternal lives, but victory and abundant life on earth as we, in line with Deuteronomy “…seek to establish His covenant in the earth.”

Be excited today that even though the arrival of Jesus’ humanity was not in the winter, the world celebrates it, and in doing so honors (unknowingly) the victory of defeating the leadership and hordes of spiritism and the power of darkness as they celebrate the arrival of the true Messiah of the world – to the Jew first, then the Gentile…

Let us look at the shepherds who were visited by angelic hosts (manifested supernatural beings) we read about in Luke were fulfilling Temple duties, and the only ones who could perform Temple duties were priests. We know they were priests because of the Mishnah (Bab K.7:7; 80a). These shepherds were in the fields surrounding Bethlehem, not out in the wilderness where regular sheep were kept. So, they must have been priests. Why would priests perform menial shepherding duties for the Temple? It is because the sheep were intended to be sacrificed for Passover. It was the priests’ job to make sure the lambs were without blemish and completely unharmed before being sacrificed. Swaddling cloths were used to keep the yearling lambs without blemish in preparation for Passover. Jesus was wrapped in swaddling cloths – interesting… So, in essence, this was the predicate for round two, as we see Yeshua was prepared even at birth for the Passover to come thirty-three years later.

“For there is born to you today, in David’s city, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

The Christ, the promised Messiah the priests had heard about from the prophets, the Savior of the world was finally born. After the final Passover, animal sacrifices were no longer necessary. Now, Jesus would be the ultimate and perfect sacrifice to pay for man’s sin once and for all through His death and resurrection. No wonder these priests ran “with haste (v.16)” to see the baby the angel spoke about.

That’s the result of the power of the Messiah’s birth – the initial battle of the manifestations of darkness plundered at the coming of the Son of Man…its connection to Passover and the plan of not only salvation, but the eternal kingdom to come; as we prepare for a ruling, reigning, and warrior King who will arrive brighter than the sun – at the eastern gate in Jerusalem. Celebrate Messiah Jesus this season with joy, peace, love, giving, and the fellowship of our brothers and sisters…Darkness is gone and the power of His light has arisen!

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