The Enemy’s Strategy To Weaken Israel?

Written by Michael

December 3, 2019

If you have been following recent events over the last several months regarding the latest Israeli election, it appears in many ways to be a parallel to the divisive politics we are currently seeing in the US.

For about a decade, Prime Minister Netanyahu has lead the nation; yet in his prior election to this latest one, and to his own hurt, he decided to garner the support of the Ultra-Orthodox, which initiated a rally against him from other Political Parties in Israel, both left and right.  As a result, 2 attempts have been made to form a unified government and selection of a Prime Minister since the recent election – Netanyahu, who failed in obtaining a majority could not get a unified Knesset, and Gantz, who had a majority, also could not garner enough Knesset votes to become the PM.  A 3rd minority party PM candidate attempted to sell his support to either Gantz or Netanyahu for a sharing of the PM duties, but this has failed as well.  Along with the opposition, Netanyahu – still currently de facto PM, has undergone a recent indictment for bribery (supposedly taking thousands of dollars’ worth of champagne & cigars from a political friend).

Regardless of whether the latter is true or not, and with all that has transpired from 2 recent elections; as a believer, I believe we must look at this governmental upheaval in Israel from a spiritual perspective.

The nation of Israel – in its sheer current existence since 1948, supports and garners the truth of the Bible and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.   (Scripture proves this in timing and in the prophetic writings).  This stands in the face of the enemy and is why we must pray for and support this nation.  We all know the enemy has had a plan over the millennia to eradicate the Jewish people from the face of the earth – and the historical data for over 4000 years exists to evidence this.

So rather than Israel having a working government right now, Israel is without a unified parliament and Prime Minister.  Think about this – They cannot pass legislation, move forward as a nation with budgeting, expansion, needed decisions, etc., all because they are in a stalemate position of leadership.  Again, I believe this is an attempt and the strategy of the kingdom of darkness to weaken the nation of Israel, and this is not just superficial everyday politics.

Here is the data: For 71 years, Israel stood victorious in the midst of 2 major wars, at least 4 “intifadas”, innumerable terrorist and rocket attacks and a social moral secular trend.  Despite this, thousands of Jews from around the world have decided to make Aliyah and immigrate to Israel – fulfilling the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.

Face it – The enemy has NOT succeeded in eradicating Israel from an outside approach, so now,  infighting and disunity has arisen on the inside – to a degree not seen in decades, or possibly ever.

The book of Judges is an example – it is the only time that Israel, in the Bible, existed as a free society, and where its leadership were Judges who simply were decision-makers, outside of tribal leadership for difficult cases within the people.  They also were the military leadership of all the tribes, when it came to protecting the nation.  God was their King – the Levites operated in their duties to perform the worship duties and demonstrate ultimate authority was from Him.  However, when we look at how the Judges began, and how they ended, it is a complete contrast pertaining to the character of the Judges.  The last Judges were the sons of Samuel, who lived in utter corruption, thus causing the people of Israel to demand from God a “king like all the other nations”.  In essence, the way God wanted to rule His people was in a free society, where He reigned as God and utilized His chosen leadership in a minimal role.  Yet the leadership became corrupt and caused a complete government overhaul – which was the plan of the enemy all along; to oust Almighty God from governing His people.

I am not directly equating God’s design of leadership in Judges to Israel’s Parliamentary system – however I am submitting to the reader, a parallel picture of attacks on the government; where a stalemate was in operation then, and now currently exists as well. This weakened the leadership in the book of Judges, and today we also see these same  results.  Biblical Israel consequently succumbed to an earthly dictatorial monarchy – and embracing with it, all which it entails.  If you read the books of Kings and Chronicles, one sees that most of the Kings of Israel were corrupt and led the people into idolatry, defeat, and exile.  If today’s Israel continues to suffer this way; failing to gel into a true unified government, a unity for the security of all citizens will erode – especially with numerous secular, religious, and political influences which exist in the Land.  Israel’s party system is agreeably complicated, yet has held strong for the security of the nation for this long.  We need to pray not just for the peace of Jerusalem, but also for The Internal Peace of Jerusalem.  We need to pray against the enemy of division and for a Spirit of Echad (unity).  We need to pray His Shalom over the Knesset and Prime Minister’s office.  Psalm 133 tells us that when unity abounds, He COMMANDS His blessing.  I encourage you to prioritize this on your prayer list today!

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