A Breach In The Wall

Written by Michael

June 27, 2015

Yesterday, (the day of the Supreme Court decision regarding marriage) was the 9th of Tammuz – an interesting date in history, where in 423 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar’s troops breached the walls of old Jerusalem and entered the city. Four weeks later, the Holy Temple was destroyed, and the Jews were exiled to Babylon. Originally, a day of fasting and mourning was observed on the 9th of Tammuz. Seventy years later, however, when the Second Temple was built, the fast was abolished and the day was turned into a holiday.

Well – I would say at this point the spiritual and moral walls of our nation have been breached. Proverbs 14:34 says, “Righteousness exalts a Nation but sin is a reproach to the people who dwell there” – actually sin is translated iniquity – which we know means the corporate perpetual lifestyle of sin which changes or affects the culture. Besides, why we know this is a grievous day in our nation, let us look a little deeper into some significance as to what this means.

Here is an example: I have visited the Alamo in San Antonio, TX on 2 occasions and studied the stories behind the individuals and what happened there. There was one small un-walled side of the fortress called the Palisade guarded by the riflemen of Davy Crockett. It did not have the pueblo-type wall and only had wooden barriers. On the 13th day of the siege, Santa Ana’s army attacked the opposite SW corner of the Alamo (the strongest most fortified side) in order to draw the Texans from attention to its weakest side, the Palisade. General Ana’s strategy worked because once the Texans’ attention was diverted, the Palisade was breached, and the Mexican army was then able to penetrate all sides of the Alamo and the rest is history.

We have been inherently taught in recent society that moral issues are somehow only political issues. The media forms it this way. This is true even in the Body. Pulpits are empty of dealing with much of the standards of God. It is this way of thinking that causes people to become lax in their stance on what God deems as righteous, and living it in their daily lives. It is in the name of a human definition of “love” we, as believers, even fail to keep His standard. I talked about standards (banners) a few weeks ago and we showed how everything we live for comes under a banner. The history of our lives and God’s faithfulness and righteousness declares the banner which we live under. (It is why His banner over us is love – Song of Solomon) Love has to do with one’s extension of goodness and charity towards another (the 2 commandments – God and People) – not acceptance of behavior, especially on a corporate level, which flies in the face of God’s standard (banner) and then becomes (legislated)bound on earth (which is bound in heaven – not accepted as righteous in heaven – just bound in heaven for those who bound it on earth due to their free choice) – therefore God has to bring judgment. WHY? (not for the reasons you may think)– 2 paragraphs down

Like the Alamo, our weakest wall has been breached by an attack on our strongest wall. This decision hit the area of sexual purity the most – (America’s weakest wall – due to: the Bible taken out of schools, abortion, acceptance of all lifestyles, marriage destruction, dissolving of the 2 parent family) and is now a banner in the face of the standard of God’s design; the family unit and founding beliefs in the inerrancy of Scripture as God’s Word. Although these have been attacked for the last 100 years, the wall now has been breached because this decision by the 5 judges (OBTW – Sodom had 5 cities ruled by 5 judges – just sayin’) who decreed this have exalted their knowledge over the knowledge of God AS NATIONAL LAW!. As Elijah declared before Israel and the prophets of baal, “How long will you waiver between 2 opinions?” Human law is only as strong as its ability to be enforced – good or bad. God’s law will be enforced – because He says His Word will not return to HIM void of a response!

Judgment comes for this reason simply: not because God is mad, not even because the behavior is simply sinful – you thought that might be it didn’t you? No – the reason it comes is because we are in a war between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light and God does not want the proliferation of the influence of the kingdom of darkness to multiply because of what man decides (binding on earth). That is why His longsuffering is great. It is why His lovingkindness is everlasting, because as long as we contend for righteousness and the battle ensues, people can be won over and influenced. ONCE law is defined for unrighteousness by man – even time and time again, against the Law of God – He has no choice but to bring judgment, in order that people will now be strongly pushed towards the loving and forgiving arms of our Messiah. If God allowed more extensions of time beyond this decision, the Church would be so overcome with the influence of the permissibility of man’s law over God’s that many would be headed for destruction – but BECAUSE OF GOD”S LOVE – He must bring judgment.

This is why I believe the greatest outpouring of souls is imminently upon us. The greatest outpouring of the backslidden returning to Messiah is near. The greatest outpouring of the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit await us. I believe His longsuffering and lovingkindness is going to switch from a place of not allowing disaster to come to our nation, to releasing His Spirit in exponential ways in His true children. That is why for those who are serving Him, you are about to experience the greatest display in your own life, spirit, mind, and soul of the goodness and power of God, of the likes of which you have never seen. There will not be a mixture of 2 opinions much longer. Everyone will know where everyone sits on the deciding factor of who God is and what He is not. Hear God’s voice and act – today! Do what He says. When Lot was running from Sodom, the angels told him to flee to the mountains – He was allowed to go to Zoar at his request – (one of the 5 cities of Sodom) but because even there the situation became worse, he ended up where the angels told him to go in the first place – the mountains.

We need to pray for families, and our city. The tide has shifted – it is time to act – for ourselves, and for those around us – and it is time to say what we hear our Father say, and do what we see Him do.

From an Eagle’s view

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