Steps – Aligned by the Lord…

Written by Michael

September 18, 2020

It is Friday morning – and having been in prayer…I feel the Holy Spirit is speaking a word to all of us right now…

I believe we are on the precipice of a very significant season.  Especially individually – sure you might say – it is election season and we all know the impact of what this means personally and globally…But I am speaking more of a spiritual alignment which proceeds all of what we see today –

What really is the focus here is – aligning with the Father’s times and purposes; because it is very significant in knowing where He will direct your steps. “The steps of a good man are ordered/aligned by the Lord: and he delights in his way.” Ps 37:23… You know, we are not robots – just because the Lord orders our steps, does not mean we always walk in them.  Sometimes we are ignorant of the plan, sometimes we actually kick against the goads of the ordered steps.  Israel did this time and again, so, ideally, if we want to make sure our paths our straight this season (Proverbs 3:6) – there must be an ACTIVE trust.  Ignorance in getting off of the path means our receiving antennas are turned off; while purposely deviating from the path God wants us on means, we indignantly do not like the road we are on.  Either way, we know the Scripture says there seems a way which is right (correct) to a man, but in the end it leads to destruction or death.  Intention is not rewarded in the end if we end up in the wrong place. Today begins a path – if we choose to recognize it.  “This mission, Mr. Phelps, should you choose to accept it” …so to speak – lol

Tonight, is the beginning of Yom Teruah – the day of the blowing of the trumpet (shofar/ram’s horn) – also the day of making a shout! In Numbers 10 and Joshua 6 we see a great shout accompanying the blast of the shofar.  These go hand in hand.  The verb to shout in Hebrew is “teruah” – same as the shofar…By this we know there is a Victory awaiting – however some “steps” that we have to walk through to get there (take your mind off of the election at this point) – This day is also a memorial – called (Zichron Teruah) –  the memorial of the shout/blast – (Ex 13, Is 12, Is 26, and others).  Most Jews recognize this day as Rosh Hashanah – the New Year – however this “new year” was changed from God’s original timetable by the rabbis during the Babylonian captivity as the Jews took on the Babylonian calendar for assimilative purposes. God’s calendar still has the month of Nisan as the first month (In the Spring where Passover is celebrated).  This is even stipulated in the Talmud. (Rosh Hash. 1:2 56d)

Why is this important? Let us take some inventory of where we are at societally.  These important times (Moadim) are very important to the Father.  He instituted them!  He causes the entire world to be subject to them (whether we think so or not, or are aware or not).  We have been walking through months of the “pandemic” wearing masks (covering our faces) – since Nisan 1 of this year.  Israel went into strict guidelines and a lockdown since Nisan 1 of this year.  NOW – tonight – they engage a 3-week lockdown again, starting tonight – at Yom Teruah – coincidence?

This night also begins Aseret Yemei Teshuva – “the 10 days of repentance” – leading to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement – and then the celebration of Sukkot is the final engagement of the Fall Feasts – the Feast of Tabernacles (God dwelling with man).  I do not have time to get into the specifics in all of this – suffice it to say we are in an introspective period leading to the prophetic celebration of God desiring to dwell with His family – His people!  Tom Teruah and Yom Kippur are preparations for that to occur. Yes, Jesus/Yeshua is our atoning Lamb, but we also have to prepare ourselves for encountering Him and the nations of the world must recognize the need and importance of consecrating our hearts unto the Lord in this season.

Just some thoughts – you can ponder/like/ dislike them… I really do not care – they are just thoughts – I am only posing them for consideration.  Let me begin with a caveat – I really hate wearing masks – but consider these questions – Is it possible the masks are a tool which maybe help us to stop talking so much we can begin to listen more? – Could it be that in all of this there is a recognizing we are all individually responsible for our own tongues and what we say, and to think about how we engage people?  Also – in a part of the blessing from the Lord (Numbers 6) is “He lifts His countenance to shine over us”; and a mask blocks our own countenance, it is really difficult – IS IT possible, that for a season, in the most self-centered society of all time, MAYBE God is allowing us to become individually centered on HIM, slowing us down, and causing our focus to not be about us, not be about our own faces, but to seek His face? (2 Cor. 3) – Please do not pepper me with all the health reasons for masks – I am simply posing some questions – rhetorically for thought only – I get it…

The 10 days of repentance starts tonight – Just so you know – it’s not a “Jewish” feast, Leviticus 23, the Lord calls all of these – His Feasts – His appointed times – If you serve Yeshua the Son of God; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – you are engrafted in (Romans 11) and can take part – why? – look above and read my 2nd paragraph.

We ARE in a season of an important election (but that election is not going to save our souls, families, society from destruction – but yes it will sustain a period of peace/righteousness in our land and we need it to for many reasons) – however only God can prevent destruction.  I believe the Father is making a serious call to us in these times.  We will probably witness things we have never seen on our soil – EVER – in proliferation around our nation… We already have to a great degree, and an election going our way will not stop that from increasing, despite what you may think.  I also believe we are about to see the greatest demonstration of God’s power in getting the Bride ready for a return of the Groom… and this will include a Matthew 28 display like never has been seen in generations.

Ask yourself this question – could it be possible that God wants me to walk in these next few weeks in consecration to Him – so that when I do see things I have never seen occur, I will not waiver? – It is just a question…So, I invite you to participate in allowing the Holy Spirit to challenge you these next 10 days – to see – as David said, “if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me to the place/life which is everlasting…” – May the God of Peace, give you His Shalom, in all times and in every way! – Shalom

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