Social Sensitivity

Written by Michael

September 27, 2017

Our nation has reached a point of social sensitivity likened to someone having a severe allergy.  What happens during a severe allergic reaction?  When a foreign matter enters the body (not necessarily a toxic item, sometimes a normal, healthy substance) the body rejects with violence from the auto-immune system, which can cause hospitalization and even death. Those of you who have, or know someone with, a severe peanut allergy, for example, know that an epi-pen is required to always keep nearby because just the minute amount of dust can trigger that type of reaction.

Our nation is reacting like a human body responds allergically – except we are reacting to hyper-activated issues in the social-public systemic media environment without a standing on a bedrock of principle and truth; and within that, we are displaying an unwillingness to dialogue.  These issues are hyper-sensitized by inflammatory input without thought or premise of precedential truths to hold on to.  Principle and truth are strongholds which hold us from self-destruction when the social climate has garnered more and more fuel for volatile cosmopolitan reaction.  Without them, no civilization can survive.

1 Corinthians 13:5 says – “Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil.” It does not deny the fact that offenses will come, just as Jesus said. They will range from hurt feelings, animosity, anger, revenge etc. Yet we can overcome all of them because love “is not provoked”. Allowing the acute allergy of offense to develop into resentful anger has its roots in 2 things: a deficit of love, and an abundance of pride. We become irritated and demonstrate unreasonable actions when our selfishness arises to that point.  The truth of God’s Word should garner us back to a place of reasonable thought and to respond with methodical, appropriate Spirit-led action.

I am not addressing a political or social issue specifically because this very subject is much larger than one issue and has existed in previous, advanced societies when they would reach a point of a vast spiritual and socio-economic/cultural divide.  When one studies different civilizations historically, (good/bad/indifferent) – a common scenario ensues: Technology and economy booms within a society, and the hearts of the public sector become more wicked and self-serving.  The Chaldeans, Babylon, Persia, Israel, Rome, the Greeks, the Ottomans, and the British Empire (just to name a few) throughout time reached this tipping point, sometimes more than once; subsequently were weakened from within, and then consequently lost their place of influence, were taken captive, or destroyed.  God placed the USA as a light to many nations and no other nation has influenced the world for the sake of the Gospel except the USA.  However, this very thing described is happening before our eyes today.

Contrarily, when the disciples were in fear concerning impending taxes issued by the Romans, for example, Jesus responded this way in Matthew 17 – “”Nevertheless, lest we offend them, go to the sea, cast in a hook, and take the fish that comes up first. And when you have opened its mouth, you will find a piece of money; take that and give it to them for Me and you.” The word, skandalizo (“offend”) is used in the sense of “vex,” “annoy” or “trouble.” – In this example we have here a demonstration of a political issue – taxes – being addressed by our Savior, and answered in a way which was simply a part of His nature to create.  Jesus didn’t complain about the taxes, lead a protest against Rome for egregious and outlandish taxation, or incite a public display in this situation.  He simply created a miracle opportunity to teach trust and faith to His disciples, and to not offend (I am in no way saying one should not take advantage of their 1st amendment rights here – I am simply offering an illustration for reflection – please hear my heart in this as Jesus was attempting to instill guidance in his disciples) He simply provided an answer for the people to suffice the demand of the dictatorial authority that existed over Israel at that time. Jesus operated outside the kingdom of man and within the Kingdom of His Father.

Remember, Jesus ministered in the midst of a people in captivity – and look at the world-wide influence He and His disciples had.  We enjoy many freedoms today, given to us by God, and instituted by our founding documents.  What happens if those are removed, changed, morphed etc.?  Do we stop seeking the Kingdom of God first and seek after the kingdom of man?  I watch believers being pulled into the vacuum of man’s kingdom as they embrace more time consuming attractions it provides, whether through entertainment or cause.  I am also watching other believers, frustrated with the same attractions – turn and run to the Kingdom of God like never before, and their response to cause is different; it is in love.  One choice increases the allergic reaction of the soul and mind, the other subdues the hyper-response of our soulish auto-immune system.  Our voices need to be heard – God-led, built on principle and truth.  Propaganda is typically void of truth – so which will you believe, and who’s report will you listen to?  Reflection of reality through the lens of truth is most commonly the opposite of trends.  See what God has to say before forming the concrete of opinion.

From An Eagles’ View

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