Sharing Your Faith Is Worship

Written by Michael

December 2, 2021

This past weekend I had the privilege of traveling and ministering with my good friend Paul Wilbur in the Dominican Republic.  We found the heart of these believers to be so enthusiastic for the Lord and saw just a great hunger for the Presence of God as well as for the Gospel to be preached throughout their nation.  The pastor of Iglesia Casa de Oración y Restauración (House of Prayer and Restoration Church) has truly made disciples of the folks in this ministry, emphasizing Prayer, Discipleship daily, and Worship.  What I found which really stood out differently than what we see here in the US is a philosophy of ministry and discipleship that prioritizes and identifies with certain aspects of the Believer in a unique way.

Pastor Alejandro Polanco spoke to Paul, I, and the team privately on how he disciples the folks who come to Messiah… “The first thing they learn to do is how to pray and seek God, then they learn to share their faith with others.  We believe that worship begins with an offering of bringing others to the King (the fruit of their evangelistic labors).  Yes we worship corporately, Yes we worship in our homes, our congregations – and in our prayer closets – but ultimately worship is about an offering – I believe, we bring this in the form of others we have shared His Kingdom with and who have believed in Jesus as King.”

In having been in Worship Ministry for many years – this is provoking… Here we see brand new Believers taught the principle of the sacrifice of praise and the offering of worship beginning with lifting those whom we have shared the Good News with and prayed over – before the Lord – BEING a place of inclusion in our worship.  In most congregations, we are taught that worship and prayer are personal expressions and are separate to sharing the Gospel – even though we know we are to always do the work of an evangelist (Timothy) – and demonstrate the Great Commission.

What is the game-changer here? When these new believers walk this out – they bring FRUIT to the altar – meaning – they have shared the Gospel AND seen folks come to Salvation – right after they have come to faith.  Is it possible, that this was the model in Acts – when the Believers grew daily in the faith with more added all the time? Well…let’s take a look at this…

The beginning Body of Believers in Yeshua the Messiah were almost all Jewish – in fact, the leadership, the “church” – Ekklesia – or Body – in Acts 15 were all Jewish believers – Disciples first, then Apostles to the Body.  They believed in a comprehensive view of worship – that it is everything in your life.  Whether in work, school, business, family, or corporate worship in the synagogue – EVERYTHING is a part of worship to Yahweh. 

In fact, in Acts 2- we see the very first thing that became the fruit of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is BOLDNESS to declare their faith in Yeshua – to His work and the word of their own testimonies.  There is no mention in the New Testament of meeting to sing and worship corporately.   There are several vocal outbursts of verbal praise after healings and miracles (Luke 4:64, Luke 17, 18:43) – We see Paul and Silas singing praise in prison in Acts 16 – we see the 3 Magi seeking to worship Yeshua as a newborn in Matthew 2, we also see many come to worship Him in Matthew 15, 18, 20, & 28…Worship is discussed throughout the book of Acts in referencing what true worship is – Acts 10 through 24 – as well as Philippians, Colossians, and 2 Thessalonians.  However, we only see one Scripture in the New Testament instructing us to sing in worship before the Lord – Ephesians 5:19.

You all know – Worship ministry is at my heart – I still lead worship, and travel leading folks in the Presence of the Lord.  Is there something we are missing here?  The model of those coming to faith – and immediately winning others is all over the book of Acts.  It was expected, it was a normal lifestyle as a new believer.  There was little time between one declaring Yeshua as Messiah and then turning around and compelling others to come to Him.  Remember the Woman at the well – the countless healings and miracles – unless Yeshua specifically instructed one to NOT tell anyone – they did – IMMEDIATELY.

This should be provoking.  This should make us all look inwardly and ask – are we walking out the Believer’s life when we do not share His love?  This Pastor in the Dominican teaches that it is WORSHIP to do so.  It is a normal part of life – it is provoking one to good works and to come to a Savior and King/Messiah. This does not diminish corporate worship at all – instead it should enhance what worship is in a daily walk.

In this Holiday season – I want to provoke you – and – I to step out more.  Share the Love of Yeshua directly with others – sow resources into an immediate situation – give your testimony – talk about what He has done for you – Invite someone to a home meeting, your congregation – and do it regularly…Make His Name great in your world…like many in the New Testament – give public praise for what Yeshua has done – take it outside the four walls of your congregational family…Let the marketplace, our homes, our families, our acquaintances, and our friends know what He has done for us.

Have a Peaceful and Blessed Holiday Season!

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