Passing Through the Onslaught

Written by Michael

September 2, 2020

This past week while praying for our nation and specifically, the Body of Christ as a whole, I felt the Lord direct me to a passage of scripture. In Luke chapter 4:28-30, we see a picture where Jesus, just coming through the wilderness and his temptation, begins ministering in his hometown of Nazareth. He walks into the synagogue, which is common for him, and begins to read out of the Prophet Isaiah. He declares Isaiah 61 and then proclaims that on this day – this passage has come to pass, initiating Jesus public ministry.

It was at this point that they began to question who he was. The people’s stereotype of who Jesus was based upon his family identity under his earthly father Joseph, and in taking over the family business. Now, Jesus begins something totally different and they began to get very uneasy about this. They could not deny what he was preaching was truth, but they could not accept it either. At this point Jesus prodded them with a passage out of Proverbs and two examples of how Elijah only ministered as directed by the Lord. He even points out that as many widows were in the community, he only went to the one at Zarephath. He also pointed out that there were many lepers, but he only healed Namaan the Syrian. He basically told his hometown folks that he knew they were not going to receive Him, but others outside the community would. Their anger rose immediately, and in the face of absolute truth they proceeded to want to kill him by throwing him off a Ridge.  

I started to meditate on this passage and how it relates to what we are seeing today in our nation. If we truly understand, we will know the Marxist uprising in our cities has little to do with racism and injustice. These uprisings are structured in Critical Theory-based interpretations of society which are not quantifiable.  There is no endgame available except destruction in this paradigm.  I could elaborate here, but suffice it to say, racism is the bait-and-switch issue, not the core behind the ideal. There is no ability to determine where injustice ends.  These are organized and planned groups whose members have grown up having been indoctrinated with a complete anti-Christ message their entire lives. Many of these folks, when asked why they are doing this, really do not understand why – other than they believe that all they need to do is destroy that which exists in America. Now, when we look at the comparison of what believers stand for, the righteousness of what Jesus’ words bring, as well as many writers of scripture, the antagonism is directly against these beliefs…these truths.  It has been a ship which sailed 90 years ago, and it is making port today in our nation.

Returning to Luke 4, Nazareth could not deal with an inescapable truth; that their stereotype of Jesus, prevented them from receiving what the Father had for them – and their reaction was mob violence against our Savior.  This was their “you can’t handle the truth” moment.  The people Jesus grew up with now turned against him within just a few moments where Jesus had come out of the wilderness and posed statements which hit them at their core.  They operated in a status quo belief system which was cemented during the inter-Testamental period.  The rudiments of the Tanakh which was a long-time established truth, subsequently had been added to by a political-religious Sanhedrin leadership, which changed the culture in just a couple of generations.  This was the religious world Jesus entered into.

What has happened in 2020 in our nation has had a similar effect upon neighbors, family, and coworkers. One thing we can all attest to – what we really believe, comes out and is displayed in times of pressure and stress. Do we really believe the Gospel of the Kingdom truly has the answer for all what we are experiencing today? Or, are we going to be the ones operating in fear, where we turn against family members when we do not think we can be stressed any longer? Will we turn to the Word of God to seek out truth and understanding during these times? Listen to this data – Recent studies show us that once regular churchgoers have diminished the amount of times they view their church services online since Covid began. Also, 3% of those who call themselves Christians now regularly read their Bible. Churches that do hold services are doing so with social distance guidelines, thus depreciating their numbers – there is an attack against the Body of Christ at large – and we are falling in line with what the enemy wants.

Failure to abide by earthly guidelines has caused mass hysteria in the Body.  Criticisms from all denominations and groups have been heard across the world, and always seem to be against believers who hold the upward call greater than the earthly protocols.

So, when Jesus hit them with the truth of their issues, the Nazarenes from the Synagogue were “…filled with rage as they heard these things; and they got up and drove Him out of the city, and led Him to the brow of the hill on which their city had been built, in order to throw Him down the cliff. But passing through their midst, He went His way.”  These were the Nazarenes IN THE SYNAGOGUE – not in the public square.  Now the tourist stop of the mount of Precipice in Nazareth is not where this occurred, although western-church tradition tells us it is.  The Scripture says, the “brow of the hill” – which is only about 6-12-foot embankment.  This would be the same place where they would stone those guilty of death, so a high cliff, could not be descended in the event a criminal did not die, in order to further stone them.  The “brow” spoken of in Luke was closer to the middle of the city.

Jesus was able to go His way – passing through their midst:  The midst of attack, the midst of mob violence, the midst of self-condemnation, the midst of the inability to see they were out of line from God’s Word.  When truth finally confronts a lie, the chain reaction, many times, can be violent – in emotions, thoughts, and action.  The Greek word to Pass – actually means to arrive as well – So Jesus was going to be undeterred from arriving where He was to go – and that was Capernaum.

I believe we are not to fear these riots, or opposition to the Word of God – the Word of the Lord is that we (those walking in His will) will pass through these things unscathed.  Scripture says, “When you walk through the water, I WILL BE THERE, and through the flame…” Whether literally or emotionally, if we are seeking first His Kingdom and His Righteousness – and there is a Kingdom purpose to what we are doing, determined by the Father – we will walk through unabated.  Where is your walk today?  We need to ask ourselves these questions – What are we doing to advance His Kingdom?  Be assured, fear in any capacity is what the enemy wants out of us, not an engagement on the battlefield of the mind.  If we engage with the weapons of our warfare – we win hands down.  Whether your opposition is from religion or the world’s ideals of destruction – stay in tune with the Holy Spirit and take captive every thought that exalts itself against the Wisdom and Knowledge of God.  Be blessed!

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