Lazarus – Come Forth – Today!

Written by Michael

May 11, 2020

I believe there is a call to the Body of Messiah today.  It is a commanding call – it is a demanding call.  It is a call from the King which requires a response.  Will you be one who heeds the call, or as we reopen, be one who settles back into entertainment-saturated society, falling more and more asleep in the Light?

It is a difficult question to ask, and difficult to answer.  We can only answer for each, ourselves.  The United States is now one of the most arduous nations to evangelize.  The last 10 years have seen more legal restrictions and changes contrary to core Biblical values, in which society has absorbed into acceptance.  This is the plan by those who hate our King, and most feel helpless about it.  This is totally understandable, yet totally unacceptable by and to His Body.  The proliferation of accepted non-Biblical relationships, the usurping of the term “Marriage”, and now the acceptance of drug therapies which alter the state of mind of individuals are only a few examples of how it is tightening the grip of how the Church has changed views of Biblical-societal norms.  Can we ever return to the standard of truth in Him?  It will take an awakening.  It will take massive influence upon the younger generation.  As of now only 8% of those who vote conservative practice a relationship with God perpetually, so we are now really a small remnant.  God has used remnants in the past – most of the time to obtain great victories.  This time, I feel like the Lord is about to initiate the victory to awaken a dormant and deceived people who are closer than they think to a reality of heaven on earth.

In John chapter 11 – we see a tremendous miracle Take place by the hands of the Messiah. Jesus intentionally does not make it back while Lazarus is sick, in order for many people to see the demonstration of His resurrection power. There are a couple of things we need to take note in the raising of Lazarus which I believe correlate to what God wants to do in the Body today. First, we see the family of Lazarus, in particular Mary and Martha, scurrying about in attempts to get Jesus to arrive, to see Lazarus healed before he died. Isn’t that much like the attitude of the church and their perspective about their relationship with God? Many believers today are looking for God to come heal His body when Jesus himself said that unless a seed goes into the ground and dies it cannot bring forth life and fruit. Jesus knew Lazarus had to physically die so that resurrection power could be demonstrated. We see the same picture in the writings of Revelation during the great tribulation that those who were martyred for the King received great rewards. Why is this? This occurs because many lives are changed by the fact, they gave their lives for Him. Jesus himself said that we would be persecuted for his Name; so why, when we see controls, restrictions, and other ways that come against the church, are we surprised?

Secondly, there had to be an effort by Lazarus to become visible again. What am I talking about here? When Jesus gave, or should I say shouted the command for Lazarus to come forth, He did so because Lazarus was not simply just inside the door of his tomb. If you have been to Israel and have seen Lazarus’ tomb, you know that there are several steps that proceed downward where he was buried. It took several seconds to a couple of minutes for Lazarus to come up from all those steps to be revealed in his clothing, especially since he was wrapped so tightly by the strips of linen cloth.  Folks the church is being wrapped tighter and tighter each day. At some point the church will proceed underground. Yes, even in America. It may not happen next week, it may not happen next year, but it will happen. When the Master decides to call his Body forth it will take some effort, and a period of time to get to the point where we are revealed in His resurrection power.

Do I believe in awakening will happen? I Most sincerely do. We cannot become weary in well doing nor be saturated by the things and distractions that absorb our time. Before any great building is built digging must be made to pour a foundation. For us as a body that means we must begin saturating our ground with prayer. We must begin seeking the prophetic message through his Word and Presence. I do not believe we have much time before the Body arises to become all Yeshua wants her to be.

When Lazarus arose, he did so in front of many people who came to his funeral.  When the Body is revealed in power – I believe the same thing will happen.  Right before this takes place, we see the shortest scripture verse in the Bible – “Jesus Wept”. Right before Jesus, knowing he was going to raise Lazarus, right before the “Anastasis” power (resurrection) was demonstrated, right before all the people would celebrate Lazarus again, the Master weeps. (Overcome with emotion – not grief).  I believe he was overcome with what would be the case at his own Resurrection, and the resurrection of the Body we are about to experience.  Jesus (not confined by our time and space) saw through eternity to His rising, and the rising of His remnant in the age to come. The Greek here actually allows for this language – where most translators see Jesus full of grief that Lazarus had died.  That makes no sense when He knew Lazarus would be raised.

Will you be a part of this awakening “resurrection”?  I hope so – prepare now – as the young virgins were told – buy your oil, so when the Master comes – your lamps will be full.  Maybe – this is a part of that fulfillment as well?

Stand strong – in faith and resilience!

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