Israel Update

Written by Michael

April 9, 2024

Israel struck the Isfahan and Natanz nuclear

Large Explosions are taking place inside IRAQ at (8:00 PM EDT 19 April 2024). Reports say Israel is attacking camps of the IRAN Revolutionary Guard Corps.

8 Killed, dozens injured…

Channels of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are already reporting that at least 8 Members of their Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq have been Killed and Dozens have been Injured. Reports say the “Calso” (perhaps Kalso) base is completely obliterated.

A Senior Iraqi Official has said that tonight’s Explosions at the Kalsu Base of the Popular Mobilization Force in the Babylon Governorate of Eastern Iraq is believed to have been caused by Israeli Airstrike.

— The main headquarters of Kataib Hezbollah, a key ally of the IRGC in Iraq are based in Jurf Al Sakher, southern Baghdad.

— The Popular Mobilization Force has released a Statement regarding tonight’s Explosions at the Kalsu Base in the Babylon Governorate of Eastern Iraq:

“An Explosion occurred at the Headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) at the Kalsu Military Base in the Al-Mashrou District on the Highway in the Northern of Babylon Governorate. An Investigation Team immediately arrived at the Scene, and the Explosion caused Material Losses and Casualties. We will provide you with the Details once the Preliminary Investigation is Completed.” American official:  The American military has no activity in the area where an explosion occurred in Babylon, Iraq.

the statement of the American Official above is not entirely true.  There were a minimum 10 US Drones in the area during the attack.

Some were speculating that up to 5 US Drones were ALLEGEDLY responsible.

4/20/24 12:45 am



10:50pm.update …many sirens going off in Northern Israel

U.S. AIR REFUELING TANKERS ARE NOW UP OVER BAGHDAD, IRAQ (This __could__ mean the US in refueling the Israeli aircraft used in the attack, and if this is true, US Bases throughout the Middle East will likely be targeted by an Iranian response. Iran warned of this exact scenario, days ago.)

IDF has allegedly hit 7 Cities Inside of Iran: Tehran, Fordow, Arak, Natanz, Kharg Island, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas..

Syrian media is claiming Israel sent missiles from Jordan…Iranian officials and outlets are claiming that all explosions heard tonight are due to interceptions and that no explosions have occurred on the ground…

Spokesman for the Iranian Space Agency: “Everything that happened was a failed and humiliating attempt for Israeli aviation.”

— U.S. source confirms an Israeli strike within Iran, says the U.S. was not involved, and there was pre-notification to U.S. from the Israelis White House, NSC declining to comment on Middle East tonight…

lots of differing reports from different sources…


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief reports that Iran has denied inspectors access to Iranian nuclear facilities, and all reps from IAEA have withdrawn from the country due to escalating conflict In the region.
 Israel kills senior Hezbollah field commander after attack drones penetrate border from Lebanon
*Three wounded from Lebanese UAV crashes in northern Israel, no alarms sound
* Blinken to Gantz: Israel is sovereign country but we made it clear we oppose escalation
*British, German FMs heading to Israel as it weighs response to Iranian attack
*The world is waiting on Israel’s retaliation
* Iran-Russia alliance deepens as Moscow backs Tehran’s attack on Israel
* US will restrict Iranian FM’s movement while he visits New York

US and UK put 4 refueling tankers in the air over the Middle East…WHY? – to refuel fighters and bombers of some sort?

Praise God – no new news on the war other than it has been confirmed the White House Green-Lighted the Iranian attack on Israel as we reported – Israel states they will respond but are waiting to agree on the response by their security cabinet



Iranian regime-affiliated media is publicly reporting: “Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced in a letter to the US Department of Defense that if Israel launches a possible retaliatory attack against Iran, Russia will also participate in the Iranian counterattack.”

2 US B-1B bombers have been transferred to Incirlik air base in Ankara, Turkey.

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Commission, Abolfazl Amouei has stated tonight that Iran is prepared to utilize “A Weapon it has never before Used” if Israel decides to launch a Retaliatory Attack.

Israel’s Iron Beam missile defense system at work on Saturday…above

The US Air Force has raised maximum alert at all bases in the Middle East

Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Headquarters in Iran has now issued restrictions on international flights in the western, northwestern and southwestern portions of Iran and also declares alert Level “3 of 3” (Highest).IDF Spokesman Higari reportedly told media: “WE WILL RETALIATE IN THE NEXT HOURS AND WE WILL ATTACK DIRECTLY.”   He also reportedly went on to say “THE OPTIONS FOR OUR RESPONSE TO IRAN IS OPEN AND WIDE AND WE CHOOSE THE TIME OF THAT RESPONSE.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has HALTED taking telephone calls from western leaders; not wanting to hear “don’t retaliate” anymore.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has approved a tenfold increase in the magnitude of strikes against Israel if Netanyahu decides to escalate the situation further.  That translates into more than 1,000 ballistic missiles.. I am being told that plans in Israel include releasing a Cyber-Attack upon Iran of a nature that will not only cripple Iran government and military, but will also SPREAD WORLDWIDE, taking out Banks and Industry,

Senior Biden administration officials said on Sunday that Israel “came out far ahead” in its “exchange” with Iran. The Jewish state did so after “spectacular success” in intercepting Iran’s drone and missile barrage on Saturday night, the officials said. Speaking in a background press briefing, the senior administration and defense and military officials described U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s phone call on Saturday night in the aftermath of the attack. “The president told the prime minister that Israel really came out far ahead in this exchange,” the senior administration official said. “Israel took out the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps leadership in the Levant. Iran tried to respond and Israel has clearly demonstrated its military superiority, defeating this attack, particularly in coordination with partners, first and foremost the United States, and others.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Likud ministers during a private meeting earlier today that Israel will respond to Iran’s weekend attack, but must do so wisely and not from the gut, according to Kan public broadcaster

Late last night Israeli Defense Minister Gallant had a secure telephone call with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Gallant told Austin that Israel has no choice but to respond to the unprecedented missile and drone attack launched by Iran over the weekend, a U.S. official and another source have told me. Moreover, Gallant said “Israel won’t accept an equation in which Iran responds with a direct attack every time Israel strikes targets in Syria.”

According to my Israeli sources, the heaviest damage that was inflicted on the Israeli government during Iran’s retaliatory attack is the secret intelligence base in the north of the occupied Golan Heights located in Jabal al-Sheikh (Mount Hermon). This intelligence base played a role in the recent Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, and in general, in recent years, it has played a very important and prominent role in intelligence operations against Syria and Iran. the Israeli army imposed a complete media ban for this area and everything is censored and no damage assessment and public announcement is allowed.

As of 7:30 AM eastern US Time Monday, the Israeli War Cabinet met again to discuss a potential Israeli response to the Iran retaliation….”In order to establish deterrence in the Middle East, you must show them that you’ve gone berserk and completely lost it.”….said one war cabinet minister. That meeting adjourned at 10:30am for the time being. May reconvene later.
US says aid to Gaza much increased * Iran claims ship with Israel ties was seized for ‘violating maritime laws’ * Tehran: West ‘should appreciate our restraint’ in attack on Israel – but War cabinet decides to hit Iran back hard, hopes it won’t spark regional war…
4/15/24 above

After Russian President Vladimir Putin told the United States that intervening against Iran would result in Russia intervening to support Iran, a Russian frigate with hypersonic missiles entered the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Israel’s Channel 12 TV News is reporting that Israel would immediately retaliate, and a senior Israeli military official pledged an unprecedented response to the Iranian attack. 4/14


Israel struck weapons manufacturing deep inside Lebanon an hour ago

Iran threatens to attack US bases if we even defend Israel by shooting down missiles, UAVs and rockets again…my concern is that the whimp in chief will acquiesce

Not a single Rocket, UAV, or Missile landed in Israel…the attack has ended for now..Praise God!! the beautiful skyline this morning…ADDED: I am.getting a report that IRANIAN BALLISTIC MISSILES DID STRIKE THE ISRAELI RAMON AIRBASE IN THE NEGEV DESERT but it is unconfirmed…and I did see video of missiles la ding around Arad…so we will see

My friend who is connected to the Knesset says the response will be unprecedented

Ramon Airbase and Hatzerim Airbase in the Negev seem to be the main targets for Iranian Missiles.

Israel has prepared a response…

Biden has told Israel the US is against any response against Iran…and says the US will not participate…WHAT A WEAK POSITION!! NO WONDER IRAN FELT BOLD ENOUGH TO ATTACK! We are operating in emasculated foreign policy! … Not much different from what we as a nation emanate in our own socia .policy.

Yet Israel will respond!

How should we process this attack and war that will escalate?

First – the trigger of the Damascus bombing that killed the IRG General in the consulate in Syria was home to terror proxy coordination by Iran with its assets Hezbollah, Houthi, IRG, and Islamic Jihad…so Israel did not atrack Iran’s territory…but a military office used for terror

Second – Even though they attacked a military and terror installation..Iran has now atracked mostly.civilian territory in Israel…an attempted murder of CIVILIANS…

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah will arise and Israel will shut down its enemies.

it is time to pray and support…

Imagine if this was us…running to bomb shelters…scouring the shelves bare in stores…listening to explosions everywhere

the fear in children…the wonder by day if they will live or a missile will take them or their families out…I have witnessed personally…the PTSD in children from southern Israel who have lost their loved ones…who at the sound of a rocket flying will freeze and wet themselves…this is called TERRORISM…this is what it is demonic and we need to pray that as the US we stop facilitating this with Iran…(see my post to the $106 Billion we gave or released to Iran)

follow us online for upcoming online prayer meetings for Israel…and how to support…through prayer…through your voice…throughnyour efforts…we will continue to update…pray Psalm 83 today over Israel…


From Iran Source: Furious over alleged bombings of targets in Tehran, Iranian Leaders have reportedly authorized the use of Hypersonic Missiles against Israel. Those missiles are now reported to be in-preparation for launch.

U.S. Defense and Intelligence Officials have now stated that this ongoing Attack by Iran is the “Worst Case Scenario” that Israel has been Preparing for and that this could cause a Major War across the Middle East.
Hezbollah announced “the destruction of one battery of the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system”
Israel’s war cabinet – as more missiles are inbound, have locked in a decisive and powerful response to attack Iran in its territory…After consultations with the USA, Israel has begun attacks on Tehran, Iran.
Loud explosions reported in Tehran.
The Israeli Government’s “Doomsday plane” has taken off and is the only plane leaving Israel. Potentially carrying Netanyahu and cabinet.
The following countries have now CLOSED their air space:
Iran Iraq Syria Israel Egypt Lebanon Jordan (had closed but has reopened)
Sources are reporting that both U.S. and British Aircraft are Airborne over Syria and Jordan assisting the Israeli Air Force with the Interception of Iranian One-Way “Suicide” Drones.
in 45 minutes – a NATIONWIDE attack siren will be issued in Israel – this has not happened since the Gulf War of 1990…
This attack according to Shia sources will be:
1. Launching the UAVs from Iran.
2. Launching of drones and missiles from the axis countries: Syria, Lebanon and Iraq to make it difficult for the Israeli air defense systems.
3. Launching cruise missiles and ballistic missiles
Senior American source: We estimate that between 400 and 500 missiles and UAVs were launched from Iran towards Israel.
Huge explosions reported in Tehran, Iran!
A senior member of the Iraqi army (which the Americans established and financed): We welcome the Iranian drones in our territory, and we will not allow them to be shot down.
50 UAVs launched from Iran along with many ballistic missles = they have to pass at least 4 defense systems, starting with warships, Patriot systems stationed in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and American bases in the Middle East, Israeli defense systems and Israeli fighter jets.
Hypersonic Cruise missile – 10 minutes
Cruise missile – < 1 hour
Ballistic missile – 4 hours
Suicide Drone/UAV – 6-9+ hours
Syrian reports of Iranian drones over Damascus on their way to Israel – ten UAVs have already been intercepted and shot down over the skies of Iraq, without even reaching Jordan.
In addition, Iran threatened to attack any Arab country who opens their airspace to Israeli / American jets
British fighter jets took off from Cyprus in order to intercept drones and missiles launched from Iran towards Israel – also – The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have deployed surface-to-air missiles in eastern Syria.
🚨POSSIBLE LONG ATTACK – With multiple waves and multiple sources, prepare for an attack that will last several hours.
🚨POSSIBLE OLD DRONES AS A DIVERSION – Intelligence sources in the US: “The drones may be a diversionary operation for launching missiles from Iran.” Slower, propeller, 20 kg warhead.
🚨SHIA MILITIAS TO FIRE ALSO – Iraqi Hezbollah brigades announce the beginning of operations against Israel.
🚨ISRAEL WILL RESPOND – Israel has communicated to the US it intends to strike Iran in retaliation.
🚨INITIAL INTERCEPTIONS – First interceptions in eastern Syria and the Jordan area reported.
⚠️IRAN THREATENS U.S. – “Ballistic missile launchers are aimed at several American bases in the region, and in any intervention by the Americans, they will receive an immediate and quick response.”
⚠️JORDAN WILL INTERCEPT – Jordan to Reuters: ready to intercept any Iranian drone that enters our airspace.
⚠️EGYPT & LEBANON CLOSE AIRSPACE – to commercial air traffic.
⚠️US REFUELING TANKER DECLARES EMERGENCY – KC-135R Stratotanker declares emergency while it is flying over Southern Iraq.
‼️PREPARE in Israel. (Links valid only in Israel.)
❗️EXTREME GPS JAMMING – SET ALERT APPS TO CITY – instead of “location”.

. 5:20pm


IDF: A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck a large military complex belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization containing military compounds and a military post in the area of Rihan in Lebanon

According to Iranian sources: At these moments, ballistic missiles are being launched from the city of Hamadan in Iran. Third wave of drones launched. Also from Iraq and Yemen.

Explosions heard in Syria, apparently drones blown up on the way. According to some reports, US, British and Israeli jets have destroyed most of the first wave of drones.

In 6 hours Israel will sound a nationwide rocket alarm..not used since the Gulf War of 1990..415pm

50 explosive UAVs launched into Israel just now 4pm 4/13

Reports have come in overnight saying Special Forces of the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) seized the MSC ARIES in the Strait of Hormuz.

The vessel involved was the Portuguese-flagged MSC Aries, a container ship associated with London-based Zodiac Maritime. Zodiac Maritime is part of Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer’s Zodiac Group.

The vessel was redirected to Iranian territorial waters.

Three U.S. Officials told Axios : Iran has sent a message to the U.S. through several Arab countries, that if they interfere in Iran’s response against Israel, U.S. bases in the region will be struck.

Iran readies more than 100 cruise missiles and drones for deadly Israel strike, US intelligence officials reveal, as Pentagon moves aircraft carrier into the Red Sea

Turkey is added to the list of nations refusing to allow US bases to launch attacks against Iran

4/13/24 above

Germany calls on all its nationals in Iran to leave NOW! – 4/12 4:20pm

In recent hours, security forces have been operating in Judea and Samaria to locate Binyamin Achimair, 14 years old, who has been missing since this morning. We are treating this event seriously, and many forces are deployed in the area and participating in the search efforts, including the Israel Security Agency and the Israel Police. We will update on developments.

According to two U.S. officials, Iran has reportedly prepared ‘over 100 cruise missiles’ along with a significant fleet of drones, heightening tensions in the region. Unconfirmed preliminary reports suggest that several Israeli Arrow III Interceptor missiles were launched from Palmachim Airbase in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Iron dome intercepts rockets fired from Lebanon into the Galilee…visit our Telegram site to see video

Israeli media sources have claimed that Iran is poised to launch a major attack on Israel, but that the strikes were postponed “at the last minute”. Israeli news website Ynet reported Thursday that “Tehran decided to either delay the strike or change the nature of its response to Israel’s attack on its consulate in Damascus, likely due to warnings from the administration of United States President Joe Biden. According to more: The outlet cited Iranian semi-official news agency Mehr as claiming the attack could happen “maybe tonight,” but soon after deleting the video with the assertion. The last 48 hours has seen Washington raise the possibility that it could intervene militarily in defense of Israel if Iran retaliates for the April 1st Israeli attack on its embassy in Damascus. – this is speculative right now but possible

U.S. Fears Iran Attack on Israel; Tells Diplomatic Staff Not to Travel

Current Rocket Attacks and sirens in Israel – Friday 1:25pm EDT

Qatar and Kuwait Forbid US From Using their Bases to Attack Iran…

France Evacuates Families of Diplomats from Israel; UK Tells Citizens to Leave Israel

Two U.S. officials told CBS News that a major Iranian attack against Israel was expected as soon as Friday, possibly to include more than 100 drones and dozens of missiles aimed at military targets inside the country.

Travel advisory is in effect against US to Israel travel…”Attack at any moment”

India issues Travel ban to Israel and Iran

The Jerusalem Post newspaper today is warning Israelis about the effects of nuclear radiation, should Iran attack Israel. The story titled “Health Effects of Iranian Nuclear Strike on Israel: Some Key Insights” (HERE) goes on to explain what takes place in a human body when it is exposed to radiation from a nuclear attack! It also makes clear they expect Iran to attack Israel “within the next 48 hours.”

The Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, completed a comprehensive situational assessment on the readiness of the IDF for all scenarios, together with the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, the heads of the Intelligence and Operations Directorates, the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force, the Commanding Officer of the Home Front Command and other commanders.

The heads of directorates and branches reviewed the preparedness and readiness for defensive and offensive operations, with consideration for possible scenarios and adapting operational responses.

The Chief of the General Staff summarized: “The IDF is very strongly prepared, both offensively and defensively, against any threat. We are at war and have been in a state of high readiness for around half a year. The IDF continues to monitor closely what is happening in Iran and different arenas, constantly preparing to deal with existing and potential threats in coordination with the United States Armed Forces. Our forces are prepared and ready at all times and for any scenario.”

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