Israel & The Arab Issue – What could possibly be the answer?

Written by Michael

May 14, 2021

Well – The Prince of Peace obviously! – However – is there a practical answer to the tensions especially since war has now evolved in the last 7 days?

I have been asked a great deal concerning this conflict – what I believe to be true/untrue, and what is biased and what is not.  There are political forces which inflame the entirety of this situation, on many sides.  This is now the first time where many Israeli zealots (political) are even calling for “death to the Arab”.  As confusing as all of this is, I hope that in some small way, there can be some basic understanding of the current modern conflict, and if there is a solution to it.  Ultimately, when messiah Yeshua/Jesus returns, He will establish His government, and it will be “upon His shoulders”.

In Islam, they radically teach that Judaism and Christianity are outdated religions, and therefore God has moved to Islam as the true religion (Surah 78:33).  When searching for truth, opinion on God changing His mind two different times to set up two different religions is simply preposterous, and understanding the covenants of The Bible, into the New Testament presents complete solidarity of truth and even logic.  I am not wanting to address this conversation here, but hopefully to bring understanding to why this is a problem.

Let’s set up some understanding; all Palestinians have other nationalities and backgrounds- that is a fact. Because of this, nationalists and governments from other surrounding Arab nations have used the plight and causes of Palestinians as leverage against Israel since 1948, since they will not allow them (for the most part) citizenship in their respective nations.  Most of the time this is done politically; through garnering funds, building weapon stockpiles for Hamas, Fatah, the PLO, and Hezbollah, and lining the pockets of the leaders of these organizations.  This is the cycle of inflaming victimhood, for the purposes of exercising leverage against Israel and the West – in particular, the United States, for power and monetary gain.

There are so many opinions, from a hard line unmovable authentic Biblical World View to many in between, to that which lies in the eyes of the different beliefs, including the elimination of Israel as a nation.  So, let me start by saying, I believe in the promise of Abraham by God – that all the borders concerning the Land, as described in Genesis are for the People of God/ Israel/ God’s Firstborn/ The apple(pupil) of His eye.  This is without equivocation.  As most Jews, Evangelicals, Messianics, Conservatives believe this paradigm.

So, what is the answer for Palestinians living in Ramallah, Gaza, Bethlehem, and Nazareth etc. – especially practicing radical Muslims who will never view Jewish or Christian existence as a viable option?  In here lies the problem.  When crisis abounds, such as we are seeing right now, the plight of innocent civilians on both sides are what is brought to the forefront.  Hamas shields itself by locating its leadership, assets, and resources behind families inside apartments including women and children – to attempt a non-response from the IDF.  When there is a response, and collateral damage is made, the political world is shocked and emphasizes this.  It is truly a cycle of disparity for all.

Also, as s part of the process, the IDF also will dis-locate these families to destroy apartment buildings and structures where these individuals attached to terror organizations hide.  It is a terrible situation and there is no way for anyone to understand it unless you see it.  I have talked to Palestinians who have lost their homes to the IDF.  I have also met many Israelis – including dozens of children who have lost parents and siblings to rocket attacks from the Gaza – and was told stories of how 14 and 15-year-olds cannot hold their continence because of PTSD due to previous rocket attacks.  We actually work with a Children’s Center in Kiryat Gat which has over 2500 children who have been victims in the past. It is heart-breaking.  Israel is now 72 years into Statehood and prior to that, individual skirmishes existed between Jews and Palestinians since the late 1800s.

Without the time to deal with the Isaac/Ishmael spiritual connection and dynamic – along with Cain and Abel, the Amorites and Amalekites and Israel, and Assyria and Israel – suffice it to say, this is a many thousand-years long conflict which has deep spiritual roots.  In this piece, I simply want to address – what I humbly believe to be a possible solution for today, to present a possibility to bring peace.   This is a political and geographical move and process, but I believe it proposes a peace for all parties without compromising a Biblical World View and opens a potential atmosphere of seeing the Kingdom expanded.

As we have seen – conventional attempts at solutions, for the last 50 years have proven to only fund terror and create more insecurity in the region.  UN resolution 242 has not really been worth the paper it was written on, as if it were, the ’67 war for Jerusalem and ’73 Yom Kippur War would have never happened, as Israel was attacked on both occasions, without much being said by the UN. Do not think I am hoping for something that can only come with the mass population of Arabs living in Israel to simply have a strong economy and ability to thrive. I would love to see so much more.

A little history: When I was 10 years old, in 1978, I was selected out of my elementary school to be on a conference call, along with 2 other students, with then Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. I was able to ask 1 question of him on that conference call. The local media attended, and this was during the Camp David Peace accords between then President Carter, Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel, and Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat. I asked President Sadat, “What do you think is the primary goal of these talks?” I expected him to answer generally like “peace between our nations”, or something similar. His answer was, “I would like to not see another Egyptian or Israeli shed blood between our nations.” That specificity spoke to me, as I had never heard a world leader make an individual response like that to a 30,000-foot view question. 

For years now, I have been asked – What is your opinion on how to deal with the Israel/Arab issue?  I thought I would pen my thoughts regarding this.  This doesn’t mean I am right, nor would it ever happen, however I do see a potential which has never been tried, should both sides agree.

From that point forward – Middle East politics, Israel, Government, etc. were prime interests to me. Now These talks were on the cusp of Kissinger’s attempted policies which started with the end of the Yom Kippur War when he leveraged the entirety of the United States support of Israel against Golda Meir, Prime Minister, that she allows the Egyptians to walk home after being driven to the Med (similar to Dunkirk)

So, what could be a solution? One thing I have learned is that ideological divides, even within a single people group can still prove inflammatory. For example, Fatah Arabs have always been against Hamas. There has been interwoven violence between them for years – and it has truly been a “king of the hill” battle because the party in power gets the cash from the nations. Secular Arabs who own businesses – do enjoy travel, ability to do business, Israeli citizenship and other benefits proven by their actions and accountability to the State of Israel. These are the folks you might encounter when on a tour of the Holy Land. They live and can raise their families, whether or not they have to cross borders from Arab territories into Israel proper. Unfortunately – MOST Arabs do not enjoy this type of freedom, although they would love to.

Understand, there are 8 basic groups of Arabs in Israel. They are not as friendly towards each other during peaceful times as opposed to when there is an uprising. They do unite when confronting Israel and its actions towards Arabs whether they are defending themselves or not. – Geographically, Arabs live mostly in the West Bank, Gaza, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jericho. 

Now, the contested “Israeli Settlements” are areas in or near these places which are fully operational towns and cities, although the MSM makes them sound like tent campgrounds most of the time, and because they are in and near contested territories, they are political hot buttons – Because of this fragmentation of ideals, they have difficulty in creating unity of policies, government, and basic life and social constructs, not much different than other places around the world. 

So, let’s take for example, – the UAE, or Saudi Arabia, or Oman – why do they thrive and gain wealth? They do not have inter-populous conflicts like the Palestinian groups do. They have many sects/tribes within their nations, however all nations mentioned above; citizens have sworn to promote unity as it pertains to their NATION.  They are committed to it. This will never happen amongst the Palestinians. The fact that Hezbollah and Hamas believe different types of Islam is a divide enough. A united Palestinian state will never happen because it could never thrive with the disunity which exists – give it national status – and it will only divide more and become like Yemen Syria, or Iraq.

I agree with Dr Mordechai Kedar, an expert in Israeli Arab culture. He served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence, where he specialized in Islamic groups, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic press and, and the Syrian domestic arena – He has proposed an Eight Emirate Solution. Basically, this would take the eight main sects of Arabs in Israel, give them each a City-State in which to thrive and govern themselves – establish commerce – have complete Israeli citizenship with all the rights which accompany it (voting, housing, business, travel, land ownership, etc.) – yet without the ability to militarily arm themselves, and with that hold open security dialogues with Israel. This way, the inter-fragmentation is reduced drastically, terror is not allowed to be funded, there are no travel restrictions, and the “bad apples” – the ones who want to promote terror are removed from being allowed to be citizens and therefore prosecuted or extradited from Israel. According to Kedar, “The towns that would receive independence (from both the Palestinian Authority and Israel) are Hevron (the Arab part), Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Tul-karem and Qalqilya, and a part of Bethlehem.”

The Arabs in and around Israel need to realize – 1) Israel is going nowhere – it is THE promised land. 2) Peace with Israel means partaker of the promised land if they choose to cooperate (supported by Isaiah 19), and 3) Islamic terror will never be an outcome anyone will accept. If they can begin to live freely and produce for themselves within the confines of Israel; if they choose to live peaceably, then there can be prosperity all around.  We see this principle exemplified in Exodus 12.

This solution has been presented to Prime Minister Netanyahu and many Knesset members on several occasions, with a favorable response. The question is, would the Arabs in Israel revolt against an existing corrupt leadership to demand a possibility of prosperity. The other nations do not treat them well., so it’s not like they have another location to reside.  Or is this simply a dream without a reality. When we talk about Biblical Prophecy, Jesus spoke of there being wars and rumors of wars. Is that what is happening today – or is Jacob’s trouble around the corner? We do not know right now – although it looks very ominous. Notwithstanding, we can still pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122) – it says – may those who love you prosper…I believe a substantial number of Arabs in Israel love Jerusalem for the right reasons.  Video clips and clickbait online will never show you this reality.

Can we pray that the Arabs in Israel would want Jerusalem to prosper, and they would be able to lay down weapons and victimization for a plan that would allow them to prosper? Is it possible? I do not know – you as the reader might be pessimistic about it – that’s ok – it’s understandable – I mean – Zechariah 12:3 says – “And in that Day (the Apocalypse) (God) will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for ALL people”. What would it be like though? – imagine with me – if Jew and Arab – became the quintessential Ephesians 2 example of “One New Man” because Messiah Yeshua decided to make Himself known to them in this season – and it happened in Israel – surrounded by over one-billion Arabs of other nations? – It starts with changing the way we think, taking on a posture of peace through God’s Kingdom, and allowing the process to go forward; being committed to it.  If the Prince of Peace were to show up in the middle of it; NOW THAT is what I call a PEACE AGEEMENT!!! As attacks are going forward while I write this, we have been praying and interceding daily for Israel – not just the Israelis, but the Arabs as well. I pray you receive this submission not with conflict, but as simply an opinion to an age-old conflict. Shalom!

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