Home of Jesus The King School

Home of Jesus The King School is a fund raising project to educate over 200 Arab-Christian children. This Christ-Centered K-12 school focuses on a special educational system designed for children who suffer from ADD/ADHD and other learning difficulties.

We are excited to partner with Home of Jesus the King church and Crossroads Christian Schools to see this project fulfilled and established to minister to the children in Nazareth. Over 50% of Arab children in Nazareth deal with a learning disability such as ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia. Our project focuses on helping these children out of the public school system and into a learning environment where there is a 7:1 ratio of students to teacher. Here they encounter a relationship with Christ and receive an education customized to their learning needs.

Our annual budget is $210,000. Please prayerfully consider supporting Arab children receiving the gospel and the education they can receive to become fruitful in the land of Israel. These are Arab children brought up in a secular educational environment – who have learning deficiencies. HJTK School helps them learn in an environment tailored to their learning needs. You can be a blessing to them!

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