Examining David Through the Psalms

Written by Michael

November 11, 2022

Can you find yourself in David’s walk with God? Read below…

In Psalms chapters 1-7 David pleas for his own existence, his life, for the destruction of those who come against him, repenting and calling on the grace, favor, and the mercies of Yahweh into his own life…feeling wretched and in travail. I call this the “100 foot downward view” – focusing on his own circumstances.

Then in Chapters 8-9 he declares praise and thanksgiving- citing all the things God has done which causes him to resound in praise…then he declares all the things God will do on the behalf of the righteous…This is David turning His face away from his own circumstances and lifting his head to see His glory and beholding the power, majesty, and great authority Adonai has over all. This is David’s “looking upward view”.

In chapters 11-17 David’s view is one of “advocacy and partnership” with God – describing what he sees from a 10k foot view, and sharing his thoughts with the Lord – in agreement as to the attributes of who He is, and what man must do to align himself with God’s perfect will and blessing for the purpose of his life…gaining revelation into the character of the Father.

In chapters 18-24 David has learned to completely trust in Him and simply walks out his relationship with the Lord in daily fashion, describing God’s power and attributes – how to pray for victory – knowing full well that the “Lord will save His anointed…He will answer him from His holy heaven”. David does not doubt that the Father WILL intervene…finally culminating with all focus on the King of Glory being revealed as the truth of all of his belief. in chapter 24 – it is all about the Messiah…The Son – The King of Glory – which displays “The trust and relationship view”

Finally in chapters 25-33, David becomes an intercessor/worshipper – standing in the gap for God’s people daily – no longer focused on himself, (although praying many times about his situation- he uses it to remind his soul of God’s Sovereignty and ultimate power and glory) So, his maturity grows into a realm of trusting the Lord for himself without travail…now interceding for Israel and believing for God’s authority to rule the nations…reminding himself How the Lord moved in his own life – he now prays for the people in His Kingdom…this shows “the parallel view”.

As we mature in our faith – David’s model shows us that the stresses we place on ourselves can be lifted as we trust more and more – AND partner with the Father daily in our walk with him. His strength is made perfect in our weakness – when we realize we need it or not…and when we give ourselves to sowing into the needs of others…our needs and problems fade in comparison…Where are you as it relates to David’s life and transparency in his own songs and writings? I encourage you to read through these chapters at one sitting – watch David’s maturity develop as he literally “walks with God” – The artist demonstrates this in his songs and poetry…

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