Behind The Protests Lies A Soul In Need

Written by Michael

May 1, 2024
Regarding the so-called “protests” in over 40 universities around our nation and a real uptick at UCLA: (it is not a protest when you take people hostage for 3 days, throw rocks and cause bloodshed, tase people, beat them with rods, hit in the head with pallets, etc. – that is criminal) Willful ignorance is not a lack of intelligence – it’s a lack of maturity. It is the inability to dialogue and listen to another opinion because one is adamantly right in their own eyes, and arrogance having been exalted in the minds of these in the formative years of their lives – and they have been taught that any other opinion is dangerous – i.e. the DSA broadcasts that there are “no civilians” in violence when it comes to overthrowing a regime.
Essentially we see 18-21yo folks acting in the maturity level of 2-3yos having tantrums. (sure there is also a demonic spiritual influence) But for all intents and purposes – the exit interviews of most of these folks DO NOT KNOW or UNDERSTAND why they are protesting. It is organized by dark money and politics – and mob rule emotional controls and influence are what foment these attacks.
So yes – they are anti-Semitic – absolutely – but at the core so was Yeshua’s crucifixion – and His response was Father forgive them – they are willfully ignorant! – doesn’t excuse it – doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enforce law – but it gives us perspective in how to pray – how to respond – because, as an individual, I wanted to purchase 1 million pacifiers and drop them by helicopter all over the protestors at Columbia…just to make a statement…a lot of good it would do – probably incite them even more – and yes force will squelch the absolute allowance of violence. and that response is well needed…But…it will not change their hearts – so how do we reach them? How do we touch the lives of willfully ignorant young people who are deceived and in need of a change – in need of repentance?
The Gospel! – but it is not just the Gospel of the Kingdom as it stands – but HOW WE APPROACH PEOPLE in their current state in bringing the message – Do we see that Yeshua himself approached individuals differently as it pertained to their mental/emotional/physical state? Examples: Zacchaeus (direct), Nicodemus (questions), 2 on road to Emmaus (theological dialogue), Disciples (turning their mundane lives into a promise of opportunity), Demoniac (direct spiritual intervention), Blind man (healing), Rich Man (heaven or hell), 5000 (feed them first), Centurion (Military verbiage-direct commendation) – the list goes on… yet all of these approaches were done in love.
If we are not astute enough in our discernment – we may miss the opportunity to share because our approach is wrong. Some of these folks need a “pie to the face” of reality before they can even ponder the idea they may be wrong – Entertainment will not change the hearts of this generation – churches with this approach are barking up the wrong tree – these people need the reality of the Gospel and the power it brings – both Supernaturally and Naturally. They are addicted to a false idealism – no different than an alcoholic is addicted to the sedative it brings…and an AA approach to ideals which brings questions to identity – what has this ideal done for you? – dealing with denial – and social interaction is only the tip of the iceberg to being set free – but it takes a wise person to draw the wells of these souls out in spite of their hatred (which is simply projected from their self-loathing onto whatever cause they are against – in this case the race and belief of Jewish People)
NOW – many of these protestors are being lured into Islam right in the middle of the protests – there are prayer calls (Adhans) being made and these secular-minded liberal protestors are being led into bowing to a false god – WHICH 10 minutes before they never believed existed. WHY – because their hatred has a escalated from a fleshly-minded ideal – to finally bowing to a false god who promises much and delivers death.
In 2 Kings 9 – we see the arising of a reformer king by the name of Jehu – Jehu assimilated his army along the way – where confused troops loyal to Israel saw the integrity yet boldness of Jehu and fell in behind him on his way to destroy Jezebel.  False gods have arisen – in light of the rise of The Unseen Realm and Return of the Gods – we are seeing a response in those unregenerated –  both with the labels of “Christian” and “Unsaved” where they have been leaning more into darkness – yet we are seeing a rise in mass baptisms and renewals and deliverances on College campuses and churches. – In verse 30-31 we see this happen: Then Jehu went to Jezreel. When Jezebel heard about it, she put on eye makeup, arranged her hair and looked out of a window. As Jehu entered the gate, she asked, “Have you come in peace, you Zimri, you murderer of your master?” THIS spirit – even tried to seduce Jehu – and we know the rest of the story. This is how clever these spirits are. So Jehu deals directly with it – crushing the idols and its representations AND AUTHORITY – is when deception is pulled back and light is exposed to the soul – This is what comes through the preparation of prayer. There are two basic types of prayer – Prevailing and Cooperative – Prevailing are direct requests and Cooperative is when we ask the Holy Spirit – HOW TO PRAY – which reveals greater discernment in the life of the Believer. The latter is what is needed in this day! When we destroy the authority and soul-control of these gods – through prayer – through the revelation of the Word of God – through a discerned approach, and through discipleship…we will see the fruit of salvation and then we need to help implement perpetual discipleship. So where are the Believers operating in this? How do you and I fit in.
I had the recent privilege to sit with Greek Scholar and NIV/ESV Board member Bill Mounce just the other day. One takeaway we discussed was what he is seeing in the Body across the Land – and hearing from pastors and leaders in what is going to be the greatest task for leaders in this season.  He made a point saying pastors preach the 3 points to this and 5 points to dealing with that – so practical teaching has been given for decades – but what has not been taught in these same decades is how to identify HERESY. Heresy is going to be the greatest battle in this day – and establishing truth in the midst of darkness and confusion – not just in the world – but in the Church! The Scriptures and sound doctrine must be prominent in these days! IN 2 Timothy 4:3-5 – Rav Shaul – The Apostle Paul – in the last years of his ministry tells Timothy this:  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” What does Paul say is the answer to heresy and deception? – 1) Endure, 2) Be Sober, and 3) EVANGELIZE! – Learning to suffer well – endure hardships, stay focused and not given to things that sedate us, and Preach the Gospel – is what we are to be and do.
WHERE ARE THE DISCIPLES? WHERE ARE THE VOICES AND INTERCESSORS TO MITIGATE THIS LOSS OF SOULS? WHERE IS THE MESSAGE AND POWER OF THE GOSPEL? – It needs to arise today – and we have seen a few instances on college campuses where mass baptisms are taking place…but it’s time for signs and wonders to arise – under the preaching of the Gospel – through love and engagement – not judgement…can that be the voice of all of us today?

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