Awakening in Israel Soon?

Written by Michael

March 19, 2024

As we see how the Father is orchestrating what I believe to be the precipice of an awakening amongst the Jewish people – especially in Israel – to lead the nations in a turning and re-turning back to the things of God…We must look at what is on the “barometer” of the nation of Israel – where the concentration of Jewish people is the greatest anywhere in the world.  I also believe there are Biblical examples that God used and returns to as examples and insight to seeing the prophetic realization of Israel as a guidepost to worldwide repentance. One of those such examples is found in the life of Elisha.

In the annals of biblical history, the story of Elisha, the successor of the great prophet Elijah, stands as a testament to the prophetic power and God’s intervention. Among the many remarkable accounts chronicled in his life, the narrative in 2 Kings 6:8-23 holds profound significance, illustrating themes of faith, ethics, and the transformative impact of the prophetic through supernatural strength in fostering peace. Let’s dive into the layers of meaning within this passage and see how this may hold true prophetically for Israel today in their soon potential conflict on the northern border. – Here is the story in 2 Kings chapter six:

“Time after time, when the king of Syria was at war against the Israelites, he met with his officers and announced, “I’ve decided where we will set up camp.” Each time, Elisha[a] would send this warning to the king of Israel: “Don’t go near there. That’s where the Syrian troops have set up camp.” So the king would warn the Israelite troops in that place to be on guard. The king of Syria was furious when he found out what was happening. He called in his officers and asked, “Which one of you has been telling the king of Israel our plans?” “None of us, Your Majesty,” one of them answered. “It’s an Israelite named Elisha. He’s a prophet, so he can tell his king everything—even what you say in your own room.” “Find out where he is!” the king ordered. “I’ll send soldiers to bring him here.” They learned that Elisha was in the town of Dothan and reported it to the king. He ordered his best troops to go there with horses and chariots. They marched out during the night and surrounded the town. When Elisha’s servant got up the next morning, he saw that Syrian troops had the town surrounded. “Sir, what are we going to do?” he asked. “Don’t be afraid,” Elisha answered. “There are more troops on our side than on theirs.” Then he prayed, “Lord, please help him to see.” And the Lord let the servant see that the hill was covered with fiery horses and flaming chariots all around Elisha. As the Syrian army came closer, Elisha prayed, “Lord, make those soldiers blind!” And the Lord blinded them with a bright light. Elisha told the enemy troops, “You’ve taken the wrong road and are in the wrong town. Follow me. I’ll lead you to the man you’re looking for.” Elisha led them straight to the capital city of Samaria. When all the soldiers were inside the city, Elisha prayed, “Lord, now let them see again.” The Lord let them see that they were standing in the middle of Samaria. The king of Israel saw them and asked Elisha, “Should I kill them, sir?” “No!” Elisha answered. “You didn’t capture these troops in battle, so you have no right to kill them. Instead, give them something to eat and drink and let them return to their leader.” The king ordered a huge meal to be prepared for Syria’s army, and when they finished eating, he let them go. For a while, the Syrian troops stopped invading Israel’s territory.”

The passage unfolds against the backdrop of conflict between the kingdom of Syria (Aram) and Israel. The king of Syria, devising strategic plans against Israel, finds his schemes thwarted by the prophetic insights of Elisha. Despite his military prowess, the king’s plans are repeatedly foiled due to Elisha’s divine insight, exemplifying the profound influence of spiritual discernment and prophetic revelation amid geopolitical tensions. (sounds familiar – because this has happened before for modern Israel – more below)

Elisha’s remarkable faith in God’s protection is juxtaposed with the instinct for retaliation and violence that often characterizes military conflict. Instead of resorting to conventional warfare, Elisha employs supernatural means to neutralize the threat, demonstrating a paradigm shift in military ethics…what am I saying here? – That despite the Syrian army seeking to destroy Israel – when they are led right into the camp of Israel’s cousins – Elisha intervenes on behalf of Syria and prevents their utter destruction – by instructing the King of Israel to make a feast for them (Psalm 23 – “…You will prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies…”) It is after this the Syrians are allowed to return home – where the Scriptures say, “For a while, the Syrian troops stopped invading Israel’s territory…”

Here lies an example completely different than much of what we see in Israel’s warfare throughout its existence as we know it in Scripture.  Much of the time – Israel is commanded to eradicate the enemy – or at least to the point of national acquiescence to the God of Israel.  Here we see a totally different example – an anomaly if one might say, to the example of Yahweh’s intent for the enemy. There are lessons of faith vs. fear (Elisha’s servant – just Like Elijah’s servant when it was time to call rain back to the land), obedience (similar to the lesson Moses did not learn when he struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it the second time), and peace with a neighboring people (compared to Joseph when his family came into the land of Egypt before the great famine).  These instances in Scripture teach us never to formulize the intent of the heart of God into Dogma or Doctrine. When that does occur, man has inadvertently superseded the authority of God in their words and heart – thus, creating themselves to be God, and His intervention then becomes more severe as we do see in Scripture through the annals of Kings and Chronicles.

At the heart of this narrative though.  lies the journey of faith experienced by Elisha’s servant. Initially gripped by fear and uncertainty at the sight of the encroaching enemy. The servant’s perspective is transformed through an encounter with a divine reality. Elisha’s prayer for the servant’s eyes to be opened unveils a realm of spiritual angelic forces at work, reinforcing the principle that those who are with God far outnumber any earthly adversaries. The servant’s journey from doubt to faith again parallels similar narratives of prophetic apprenticeship, echoing the experiences of Elijah’s servant in 1 Kings 18:41-46.

Fast Forward to the few years leading up to the Six-Day War. Eli Cohen was an Israeli intelligence operative renowned for his infiltration of the Syrian government during the 1960s. Born in Egypt in 1924, Cohen immigrated to Israel in 1957 and soon became involved with the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. Posing as a wealthy Syrian businessman named Kamel Amin Thaabet, Cohen managed to gain the trust of high-ranking Syrian officials and elites. He established himself as a prominent figure in Syrian society, frequenting social events and cultivating relationships with influential individuals. Cohen’s charisma, intelligence, and fluency in Arabic contributed to his successful integration into Syrian circles. He gathered valuable intelligence on Syrian military installations, troop movements, and strategic plans. He transmitted this information to Israeli intelligence agencies through elaborate covert methods, providing crucial insights that significantly enhanced Israel’s security posture. For example, Cohen foiled a plan to divert the Jordan River’s headwaters, which would have cut off Israel’s water supply. If the campaign had succeeded, the results would have been devastating for Israelis who depend on the Jordan.  Eli also uncovered Syria’s intention to use three successive lines of mortars and bunkers against the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), rather than one.  As well, he conveyed to Israel the locations of secret gun emplacements overlooking Israel on the Golan Heights. I am told there was much prayer going on FOR Israel from around the world during this time – The Jesus Movement – Church prayer ministries – Billy Graham’s public support of Israel, Katherine Kuhlman as well, and many others)

Just a couple of weeks ago, Israel released a study that was performed between November 2023 and February 2024 – concerning the happiness of Israelis in the nation.  This study proved interesting because it showed a majority of those who lived in the major cities struggled with fear of war, loss, and death. One might say that is normal and natural especially when those do not hold hope in a Savior. The study also showed that those who lived in the Kibbutzim – even in Southern Israel – and on the outskirts of major cities were happier and not as fearful as those in the cities. They held hope in a Messiah to come (not even being Messianic Believers) and were living happier lives RIGHT IN THE MIDST OF LOSS, WAR, AND DEATH. This is a huge indicator, I believe, of Spiritual Preparation. Israelis are very close to seeing their Messiah and fulfilling Matthew 23:39 when Jesus says to the Pharisees, “For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. (Baruch Haba Bashem Adonai)

Is it possible in light of ancient and modern events – patterns, types, and what we have seen – not attempting to reinvent the wheel – but relying on the faith and history of God’s intervention throughout the ages, that we are seeing the staging for another awakening, a protecting of Israel from the North – Despite the saber-rattling of Syria, Lebanon, Iran, the Shiites and Hezbollah? During this time of Purim – would it not be just like the GOD OF ISRAEL to perform on behalf of, and in the same way as He has for His people time and time again? If this is the case and we are not aligning like Esther today (A Persian Queen – Hebrew by race) to stand in the midst as an intercessor between Iran and Israel – could we miss it?

God will take care of Haman – we don’t have to – we just align with His will and purpose – how about you? – Will you?

Details about Purim in the next few days…



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