israel is important and here’s why…

The core of  ENMI is the Land, the Scriptures, and the People of Israel; and to advocate for Israel-friendly policy and projects, both in the Land and other nations; building bridges, especially between the Christian Community and Israel. 


Israel War Support

****ISRAEL IS AT WAR! – SUPPORT SPLINTERED FAMILIES WHO HAVE LOST LOVED ONES TO TERRORISM, HAD FAMILY MEMBERS ABDUCTED, AND LOST THEIR HOMES…**** We are partnered with our Arab Pastor friends in Israel who already reach out with food, medicine and water on a regular…

Home of Jesus The King School

Home of Jesus The King School is a fund raising project to educate over 200 Arab-Christian children. This Christ-Centered K-12 school focuses on a special educational system designed for children who suffer from ADD/ADHD and other learning difficulties. We are…

The Sariyd Project

Our Outreach to Holocaust Survivors in Israel is going strong! – The Sariyd Project is designed for individuals to support/ adopt a Holocaust Survivor on a monthly basis, or give one-time donations – and this ensures 3 things: They receive their needed food…

I wholeheartedly recommend the ENMI organization for their impactful work in supporting vulnerable communities. Under Pastor Michael Hohman’s guidance, ENMI has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals and families, and their programs and initiatives have brought about meaningful change and hope to those in need.”



“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Michael Hohman and his incredible wife Karen for several years, and I can genuinely attest that few individuals match their depth of knowledge and understanding of the Word of God and its relevance for us as believers in these last days. I strongly encourage you to get to know him and his family, as it’s increasingly rare to encounter believers as genuine as Michael and Karen…”


“Since its inception, Eagles Nest Ministries has remained dedicated to supporting Israel and Jews worldwide through awareness, missions and humanitarian relief. Michael Hohman’s passion and dedication continue to inspire multiple thousands internationally and I am delighted to endorse and recommend him and ENMI.”

“I admire many men. None more than Mike Hohman. He passionately loves Jesus, His Word, His bride and has poured out his life for the Gospel. In my brotherhood with Mike, I’ve watched him – over and over – love deeply from a big heart – I wish mine was more like his.”



The Fire of Shavuot – The Fire in Israel

The Fire of Shavuot – The Fire in Israel

Today is Shavuot – a day reserved as the 49th day after Passover – on Passover, the Lamb had been killed, its blood placed upon the altar – we all have come through the Red Sea (Reed Sea) – and across to the other side. As believers, we all participate in this. If we...

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House Bill on Anti-Semitism – A Deeper Dive

Hey Everyone, There is a lot of discussion regarding the new House Bill HR-6090, “The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” and its effect on Christianity regarding hate speech implications.  Let's clarify this. Many pundits like Charlie Kirk, Tucker, and others are concerned...

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The 49/22 Project

The 49/22 Project

Our Newest Project! - We are seeking to connect Believers and churches to adopt Congregations and Ministries in Israel that are not only bringing humanitarian aid to their communities - but sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of Yeshua with them. Isaiah 49:22 says,...

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Behind The Protests Lies A Soul In Need

Regarding the so-called "protests" in over 40 universities around our nation and a real uptick at UCLA: (it is not a protest when you take people hostage for 3 days, throw rocks and cause bloodshed, tase people, beat them with rods, hit in the head with pallets, etc....

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Israel Update

Israel struck the Isfahan and Natanz nuclear Large Explosions are taking place inside IRAQ at (8:00 PM EDT 19 April 2024). Reports say Israel is attacking camps of the IRAN Revolutionary Guard Corps. 8 Killed, dozens injured... Channels of the Islamic Revolutionary...

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Passover 2024 – and You!

There are times throughout history which seem to be significant for the Body of Messiah.  In retrospect, these seem to be points in time, which when we look back, changed the course of many lives for the expanse of the Kingdom.  Great Awakenings, Revivals, and other...

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